Live Review: Four Year Strong – The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames, February 16th 2011

February 27, 2011

Tonight’s the night… Following a mad 11-second ticket scramble two-weeks ago, we see popcore legends Four Year Strong play in an incredibly intimate setting to around 100-people while playing the album that made them, Rise or Die Trying, in full.

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Interview: Four Year Strong

February 23, 2011

Following their show in Newcastle on the Kerrang! Tour, Faye caught up with Joe Weiss (bass) and Josh Lyford (keyboards/vocals) from Four Year Strong, and this time round, their drunken ramblings included: ‘random surprise wake-ups’, bigoted Norwegian girls, partying like rock stars, camping with aliens, and a lot more!

Faye: How are you today in your drunken state?
Josh: I’m fucking good.
Joe: This tour’s been fun so far, everyone’s been pretty sweet.
Josh: Yeah, pretty much everyone likes to be maniacs with us. We haven’t gone to bed earlier than 4 o’clock in the morning yet.
Joe: It’s ridiculous, even I’ve tried a couple of times and it doesn’t pan out, because I’ll go in there and just sit and here everyone talking.
Josh: The only problem with that is the random surprise wake-up, you’re like, ‘I want to go to sleep, but everyone’s awake at 6am, so fuck it, I’m going to stay awake and hang out.’ Then in the morning at like 9 o’clock, we’ve got to get up for some random stupid reason.
Joe: When I was trying to sleep one time on this tour, the bus parked next to a field and I woke up at like 8am to these tribal drums, there was like a festival going on. I had such a headache. It was crazy.

Faye: The last time I interviewed you was in June, what have you been up to since then?
Joe: Oh man, that seems like an eternity ago.
Josh: Yeah, I was probably 25 back then.
Joe: We did Warped Tour over the summer that was an excellent time. We toured with Comeback Kid, The Wonder Years and Mountain Man, that was a really good tour as well.
Josh: We’ve toured with The Wonder Years so much and now we sleep next to them, it’s like our two vans became one shitty van.
Joe: It was sweet to tour with Comeback Kid because I had been listening to them for so long, and they are literally the chilliest people.

Faye: Yeah, I interviewed Jeremy from Comeback Kid in November.
Joe: He is hilarious! That guy is the man. He’s always so pumped no matter what the situation is. I want to hang out with them in Las Vegas, because Comeback Kid is putting on this party in Las Vegas and has invited whoever to just go, and I’m temped to, but I’m sure we’ll be on tour doing something.
Josh: There was like a punching thing that recorded how hard you punched it and watching Jeremy getting so stoked and bashing the shit out of it was awesome. Although, our merch man took it down and got the highest score.

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Interview: Four Year Strong

July 2, 2010

Back in the UK, Faye catches up with Four Year Strong, before their sold out show at the Islington Academy, and once again, it turns into a derailed conversation about dildos and such. Oh, and find out why they back Millionaires!

Faye: Can you introduce yourselves?
Joe: I’m Joe, I play bass.
Josh: What else do you do?
Joe: I don’t know, I like puppies.
Josh: Do you like adult dogs?
Joe: Yes, I also like adult dogs, I like woodworking, what do you like? And who are you?
Josh: I’m Josh, I play the keyboard and the human organ. I heart nothing, except I also like adult dogs and puppies, I like kittens. Oh, and I like writing and reading, but that makes me sound too intellectual. I also like really dumb things. How about you? Who the hell are you?
Jake: I’m Jake, I play drums and I like weed. I also like puppies, kittens and adult dogs, except for mine, it smells. His tail is always up and his butthole is always exposed – he’s old and decrepit – and whenever he barks, it kind of pushes out. His bark is the most horrible thing, if you’ve ever heard a Beagle bark, it’s the most obnoxious thing ever. His hips are bad, he can’t stand up very well and whenever he jumps up on you in the kitchen, he just falls down.
Josh: This is turning into the saddest interview ever. [laughs]

Faye: Didn’t Alan and Dan [vocals and guitars] play an acoustic show at Banquet Records in Kingston earlier today?
Jake: Yeah, the place was rad, I bought a Matt Pryor vinyl, I’m fucking stoked. I’m going to listen the shit out of that when I get home. I wish I bought more vinyl, but I didn’t look hard enough and we had to leave.
Joe: I don’t even collect vinyl, except for Alkaline Trio vinyl.

Faye: You have to play a show in Kingston at The Peel or Fighting Cocks at some point.
Josh: We’ve been trying to do that for a long time. I’ve brought it up on every tour and somehow it just falls through the cracks, but don’t worry, it will happen.

Faye: You were last over in October on the Eastpak Tour, what have you been up to since then?
Josh: Everything.
Joe: And nothing.
Jake: Touring and touring, then we went on tour again. Then I think I slept in my bed once or twice then we went on tour again, and now we’re here on tour.
Josh: And then after this we’re on tour.
Jake: Then go on tour after that.
Josh: So, touring mostly, and we put out a new record.

Faye: You recently played Slam Dunk, it seemed like everyone in your circle of friends also played it, how was that?
Josh: It was so good.
Jake: It was great, we got to see all of our buddies and got wasted. We’ve been drinking cider heavily since we’ve been here, and we got Magners tonight, which is the best kind. You guys don’t believe in ice, though, and that shit’s supposed to be on ice. It’s so much better on ice.
Josh: There is a lack of ice.
Jake: It says “serve with ice” on the can and I’ve still got no ice, so I’m drinking mildly warm cider.
Joe: I’m not a big cider guy. I can drink a cider on ice, though.
Josh: I would drink cider over beer, I think.

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Live Review: Four Year Strong – O2 Academy Islington, London, June 3rd 2010

June 17, 2010

Following their recent Slam Dunk Festival performances, it’s a line-up almost too good to be true, as The Wonder Years, Fireworks and Four Year Strong all hit up Islington’s Academy tonight.

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Live Review: Slam Dunk Festival 2010 – Leeds University, May 30th 2010

June 12, 2010

Slam Dunk Festival is by far the greatest day in a UK pop-punk fans year. It’s a one to keep on the calender, it’s a one to remember and look forward to – it’s a one to discuss where the nearest Nando’s is. With a lineup that beasts any previous years, we’ve got the cream of the UK crop, the 2008 Easycore Tour, reunions, acoustic one-offs, signings, DJ Sets, and of course, Millionaires all rolled into one. What more could you want for 25 quid?

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Interview: Four Year Strong

November 1, 2009

Four+Year+StrongIt’s almost been a year since Four Year Strong set foot on these shores, so Faye caught up with them all in the midst of their month-long Eastpak Tour in London, as the self-proclaimed ‘double-sided dildo’ explain how they “bridge the gap from ass to ass” and lots more.

Faye: How are you all today?
Dan O’ Connor (vocals & guitar): Excellent, every thing’s going good.
Josh Lyford (synth & vocals): Life is stoked on things.
All: [laugh]

Faye: The last time you were over in the UK was in November of last year on the Easycore Tour, can you tell us what you’ve been up to since then?
Dan: Oh, shit. Fuck, what did we even do after that tour? That was in November, and then we did a holiday tour with Set Your Goals, then we did Taste of Chaos with Bring Me The Horizon, Thursday, Cancer Bats and Peirce The Veil.
Alan Day (vocals & guitar): We released a cover record.
Dan: Then in the summer we did a tour with Set Your Goals, Fireworks, Polar Bear Club, Gravemaker, and also Crime in Stereo and A Loss For Words, then we have recorded a new record and finished tracking it, the day before we left for here and that brings us up to the present time of being in the UK.

Faye: So, you’re currently on the Eastpak Tour with Alexisonfire, Anti-Flag and The Ghost of a Thousand, how’s it been so far?
Dan: It’s been good, it’s been awesome, I’m pretty stoked on it, the kids have been good.
Josh: The bus doesn’t smell like piss.
Dan: Yeah, the best bus we’ve had, which is sweet. The bunks are very, very comfortable.
Joe Weiss (bass): They are.
Dan: So much so that it’s almost too comfortable.
Alan: So much so that I wake up at 2pm every day.

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Live Review: Eastpak Tour – HMV Forum, London, October 14th 2009

October 22, 2009

AlexisonfireTonight, the annual and month-long Eastpak Tour hits the capital, presenting the strong line-up of Alexisonfire, Anti-Flag, Four Year Strong and The Ghost of a Thousand to a sold-out HMV Forum.

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