Live Review: Defeater – The Underworld, Camden, London, February 21st 2011

Returning to The Underworld yet again are hardcore innovators Defeater on the cusp of releasing their new record, Endless Days and Sleepless Nights.

For a hardcore band, starting a set off with an acoustic song is probably somewhat unorthodox, but as frontman Derek Archambault walks onto the stage with his acoustic, this is fairly typical Defeater fashion, and that’s what makes them special. You can hear the heartfelt sincerity of I Don’t Mind and while this song has only been around for two weeks, the entire room is still singing along to every word. The rest of the band soon join for The Red, White, and Blues, with The Underworld erupting in mass amounts of stage dives and shout-alongs; a rampant energy that lasts throughout their set. The encore of Prophet In Plain Clothes really adds to an already incredible set as they instruct the confused soundman that no mics are needed and it all becomes clear why, with what’s left of the room ending the night on the most incredible sing-along.

This band are just going to get bigger and bigger, and I think everyone can see that, bar the band themselves, as they remain completely unpretentious, thanking friends and fans for their support at every given opportunity. It’s a really humbling thing to witness. Not only are Defeater writing the most interesting and intelligent hardcore records right now, but also providing the best live experiences. The new Converge of our time.

Faye Turnbull.

Keep an eye out for our new interview with Defeater!


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