Live Review: Twin Atlantic – Durham Live Lounge – January 21st 2011

Durham Live Lounge is really starting to pick off it’s feet now; in the past half a year or so since it’s opening, the venue has played host to the likes of Gallows and the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, as well as Anathema and Welsh heroes Funeral For A Friend still to come. Tonight, plays host to Glasgow’s Twin Atlantic on a pretty intimate outing around the UK in preperation for their highly-anticipated debut full-length yet to be released; the attendance is a bit thin, let’s put the band’s mettle to the test…

Local four-some Laconia only live down the road in Chester-le-Street, but they play and sound like they should be coming from much bigger horizons. Their metallic brand of alt-rock excites and impresses, despite the still-gathering punters paying only a mild interest so early on in the night. Vocalist Scott Cavagan‘s chords are impressively placed, giving the band massive dimension and character – it’s hard to believe they’re only a bunch of nearby citizens; a definite pleasant surprise of the night.

Stagecoach fare a little less, unfortunately; their self-confessed grunge-pop does little to get anyone excited, despite being a technically gifted prospect. The London fivesome crank out quirky yet catchy sounds lathered in charm and a little bit of grit; a gang vocal here, an upbeat crank there, and just a bit of weirdness; it’s unconventional at best. In a different setting, on a different night, they might of went down a storm; tonight just wasn’t that night.

Twin Atlantic are something special; while they’re agreeably not the first band to come out of Scotland with a blisteringly popular take on rock with a hefty local tongue, what they do, they do ridiculously good. No matter if the crowd is a little on the sparse side tonight; the quartet sound like they’re playing to a hundred times the amount. Lightspeed sounds as strong as ever and it’s charmingly urgent chorus does all it can to put smiles on faces.

Vocalist Sam McTrusty is a pretty unorthodox frontman; he does little in the way of showing off onstage, but his voice is so raw, unique and emotive in his songs that you can’t help but stand and admire, especially in tracks that really call for it such as the homely You’re Turning Into John Wayne or new track Edit Me; the latter of which is a fantastic taster of things to come very soon. Closer Audience and Audio is still an old favourite, and gets possibly the best reaction of the night – it’s still as strong a track as ever.

It’s impressive to see a band with only one (short, by standards) real release to their name play so many songs, which makes for a great value-for-money for all involved. Twin Atlantic know how to impress a crowd, and people are really starting to take notice; once their album drops in May, they’re going for the big-time! Catch them while you can.

George Cannings.


One Response to Live Review: Twin Atlantic – Durham Live Lounge – January 21st 2011

  1. bandstalker says:

    Love Twin Atlantic. I saw them with My Chem in October and I was blown away!
    Rather like Stagecoach as well though :/ not their night, I guess.
    Great review! 🙂

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