Review: Don Broco – Big Fat Smile

It’s been a crazy year for Don Broco; relentless touring with the likes of Scholars, My Passion and Enter Shikari among others has seen the band rise to new heights and step up from their play-park videos and “lad rock” to produce debut mini-album Big Fat Smile – will the release (out on Valentines of all days) live up to it’s moniker?

Dreamboy kicks off in phenomenal form; a catchy, energetic bundle of melody which keeps the standard “Broco” spirit alive; simple lyrics, something of a trend with the band, and tunes that have you humming from the first listen. The great thing about this band, is that they’re really not afraid to try something new, whilst still making sure to appeal to their target audience. Beautiful Morning harks to a new area of work at play; a far more melody-infused and charming affair helped by all four members taking their hand at vocal duties; poster-boy frontman Rob Damiani is filled with a boyish glee and really puts his voice to great use throughout.

Top Of The World shows a more emergency-ridden side of the band at play, whilst Metalface gives off such a fun set of beats and vibes, it’s only natural to find yourself bopping along. The attempt at an obligatory slower song is tried with plod-a-long I’m Good, a swaying pick-me-up that manages to scrape the grade, whilst closer Do What We Do shows the more fun, party-packed side of the Broco at work – more of an old-school Living The Dream-esque track that packs the biggest punch of the bunch – easily the standout of the set.

Long story short – Don Broco always seem to set out with the mindset to write an incredibly catchy tune – this record is laden with so many hooks they’ll be reeling in plenty of potential fans with just one listen. This is a ridiculously fun listen, and quite frankly, anyone who gets bored of it in a hurry is plain bonkers – it’s sure to leave anyone’s face with a big fat smile. Cracking debut, now let’s hear a full-length!

George Cannings.
Don Broco release Big Fat Smile on February 14th. A UK tour is imminent; see for details!

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