Review: Who’s Driving? Bear’s Driving! – There’s No Easy Way To Say This

It’s pretty hard to say the name Who’s Driving? Bear’s Driving! without cracking a smile and having a chuckle; it’s a tad eccentric, but who counts that against a band these days? The Essex six-piece have set out to be a lot more than just a silly name, with their second offering coming in the form of mini-album There’s No Easy Way To Say This.

Clear enough from the start, it’s a harmless enough brand of pop-punk drenched in synth like so many other bands doing the rounds these days, but there’s definitely a massive energy at work; tracks like opener It’s Just Tomato Soup Man and the fast-paced, snare-tastic If I’m The Result People Should Stop Breeding have much more of a kick to them than your average Joe sugar sweet, siding with the grittier clique of UK pop-punk a la Save Your Breath, All Or Nothing and the like, as much as the more youth-orientated side of fringe-cut pop-rock. It’s a tactic that could win the sextet a lot of fans, as there’s something for everyone here. Enchanté is a huge stomp-along of a track, and closer Safe packs just enough electronic promise to make girls weak at the knees, coupled with vocalist Scott Allen‘s charming sing-songs throughout the record.

This really is possibly the broadest a band could go, stretching to both sides of their specific genre’s spectrum, and Who’s Driving? Bear’s Driving! have done it in some style. While none of what the band do is particularly original, this is sure to tickle all tastebuds for someone who’s got the sweet scent of pop-punk/rock in their vicinity, and it’s definitely a promising one to check out – they’re doing what they do better than a vast majority of their peers!

George Cannings.

The album ‘There’s No Easy Way To Say This’ is available for free download here:


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