Review: Heavy Lies The Crown – The Family Demise (EP)

It’s been a long time coming for a band that have been plugging away for around two years, but Darlington’s Heavy Lies The Crown have finally crafted their debut offering in the form of EP, The Family Demise.

Offering wall-to-wall crunchiness, the record sets out to make a statement almost on impact, with crushing beatdowns emerging from a very ambient intro track that almost leads you into a false sense of security. It’s a case of the heavier, the better for the quintet, and tracks like Stepping Stones really take some beating, with some really gritty, low-end guitar work and dirty riffs. Vocalist Scott Rudd can arguably get a bit predictable after a few tracks, but it is what indeed works best – the brutish force of his chords comparable to For The Fallen Dreams’ Dylan Richter and delivered with outstanding relentlessness.

There’s instances of a Misery Signals-esque melody fused in amongst the anger in places, and it works well to break up the tracks; there’s hints of singing hidden almost like nuggets, and as rare as they are, the title track amongst others really benefits from it.

What might let this record down slightly is the fact that there are only four true tracks – an intro and an interlude making up the six – and maybe not enough room to let the band really spread their wings and test their mettle. On the other hand, it’s definitely leaving one wanting more, and it’ll be interesting to see if the band can hold their own on a full-length in the future. As for the present, this is a strong arsenal of touring material and a kick-start that should give Heavy Lies The Crown a firm step in the right direction.

George Cannings.

For more information on Heavy Lies The Crown and to listen to ‘The Family Demise’, visit their Facebook.


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