Review: Golden Tanks – Golden Tanks (EP)

It’s a glorious time for UK hardcore at present – there’s so many gems sprouting up all over the country in recent times, and Reading five-piece Golden Tanks are no exception. The name assumedly being a homage to the Cancer Bats song of the same name, they don’t sound too unlike the Canadian outfit. This self-titled debut offering oozes personality and physical presence from the get go.

Opener The Flag brings the noise and offers a firm handshake with it’s chunky riffage and powerful brute force, and in its simplest terms, continues throughout the rest of the trio of tracks to go.

Vocalist Ben Sivyer really goes to work on the ears with his gung-ho growls and rasps, which really works well with the sublime production value – something which really improves any record, especially something as balls-out as this.

It’s hard to pick out a favourite with all four tracks sounding as meaty and upbeat as each other, but as a full listen, it’s definitely gripping enough for multiple spins at once. Midas Touch proving a particular pick-out highlight with its pretty nifty solo work.

If this formula was used for a full LP, it’d probably get a bit stale with a few listens. Their southern-tinged brand of hardcore noise isn’t breaking any boundaries by any means, but it’s definitely giving the big boys a run for their money. This EP’s initial sound is fantastic, and a great start for the band – they’ve got all the time in the world to build on it, so for now, this really is a top notch piece of work.

George Cannings.


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