Live Review: The Menzingers – The Northumberland Arms, Newcastle, November 17th 2010

With ska-punk legends Less Than Jake playing down the road, there’s obviously a bit of uncertainty regarding how The Menzingers will fare, but the 50 or so that are gathered into the dingy Northumberland Arms plausibly manage to pack the venue out.

Philly’s The Menzingers take to the, er, floor for an incredibly intimate performance, unleashing their infectiously catchy, gruff punk anthems, with frontmen Tom May and Greg Barnett duelling it out with their gravely and melodic vocals as they kick it off with I Was Born.

While mostly Chamberlain Waits-driven with the likes of Time Tables and Deep Sleep, those closely huddled around with beers-in-hand are still more than up for a good old sing-song – exactly what this quartet are made for with their undeniably accessible choruses.

Although, it’s older tracks such as Sunday Morning and A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology that garter the real in-their-face responses. It’s a good mix, impressing new ears and leaving everyone more than content, despite the show ending rather late – to no fault of the band. Not bad for a first-time visit!

Faye Turnbull.

Keep an eye out for our interview with The Menzingers coming soon!


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