Live Review: Humanity Depraved – Trillians, Newcastle, October 25th 2010

The Boy Will Down are to be headlining at Trillians tonight, which makes this review a little different – it’s solely focused on three massive reasons why the North East’s music scene is very, very underestimated and why so many bands get overlooked. This focuses purely on the local openers for the tour, read on and find out why… It’s gartered a good crowd in the dingy rock bar, so someone’s doing something right…

Hailing all the way from ahem… Darlington, come Heavy Lies The Crown. The first word of that title is the keyword here, heavy – the band are bigger than a ton of bricks and their deathcore-ish gnarl cements that brutality. They’re not breaking much new ground – they look and sound like Emmure, and indeed vocalist Scott Rudd is sporting an Emmure tee tonight, but they don’t need a gimmick, nor do they need the comparisons, the music they make is theirs, and their performance shows it – it’s tight as fuck, it’s fun, and it’s very, very promising indeed.

Arcite play a completely different type of metal to their predecessor, it’s balls-out metalcore with a rasping growl fresh from the lungs of vocalist Jonathan White, who’s got a killer singing voice to match his ‘rawrz’, a la dashings of Killswitch Engage. It’s meaty, it’s got riffs, but there’s something a little tiresome about songs that last for almost eight minutes, step forward The Factory. It’s only a minor turn off however, as the music they do play contains all the necessary parts to a great metal song, but Arcite have taken it, shook it around lifelessly, put their own big, bad stamp on it, and so stand the band before you. It’s something you’d expect from seasoned veterans, not locals. Impressive doesn’t cover it.

Humanity Depraved wrap up the trio of tonights local preceedings, and once again are a completely different kettle of fish – but where the former two have their pro’s and cons, there’s not much negativity to be said about this band. Faring as a four-piece tonight, it’s impressive just how much noise they can make with one guitarist. This is pure death metal at it’s finest, and tracks like The Greatest Deception and 21st Century Love Story (which as barmy frontman Ricky Lee Roper describes, is a song about raping a baby, grinding it up into meat, feeding it to another baby, shoving it back into a woman and kicking her to death – his words, not ours) give their well known genre-peers a hefty run for their money. The antics don’t stop at purely their forté however – busting out a self-confessed “tribute to the world’s greatest paedophile”, they cover a few parts of the late Michael Jackson’s Beat It to get some hips shaking – it’s not even embarassing, it’s a genuinely good cover. The riffage is chunky, the beats are hard, and the band sound years more mature than their collective ages, it poses the question as to how ball-droppingly massive this band sound at full power. Cracking performance!

George Cannings.


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