Review: In Oceans – In Oceans (EP)

Lots of bands currently doing the rounds on the UK underground circuit are releasing countless EP’s, mini-albums, demo’s, whatever, with one thing in mind – appeal. It’s either the most tooth-rotting pop-punk, or it’s something with a breakdown to impress. Newcastle troup In Oceans are nothing of the sort – hailing from the more technical side of the spectrum, their self-titled debut is a massive breath of fresh air from the very off.

Each track has it’s own individuality, indeed in the collective wailing of the utterly frantic Sharks, which really displays recently acquired vocalist Matthew Cooper‘s aural swagger and sheer pomp in delivering on top of some mentally catchy songwriting. Seven-minute closer Mating Rituals is a mammoth beast, and unlike most obligatory ‘long closing songs’, this gets far from boring. There’s more than enough in this to keep a listener well on their feet without straying into tiring territories, and the EP on a whole is a brilliant opening handshake – strong production a rarity in smaller bands these days, this captures the character of the tracks pretty much spot on, and places the band in a very strong position to tell a good story.

In Oceans are an incredibly gifted, if not unusual outfit, and a genuinely exciting act. The sheer strength of this release surely places them firmly on the right path, and with a bang!

George Cannings.


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