Interview: Down To Nothing

Being frontman of Down To Nothing and bassist for Terror, it’s a busy night for David Wood on the Hell On Earth Tour, but Faye manages to sit down with him in Sheffield for a chat about Down To Nothing’s current situation, their blurry future, the release of All My Sons, straight edge and more!

Faye: Since you’re in Terror, what’s the deal with Down To Nothing these days?
David: Yeah, we don’t tour as much and Jared’s in Trapped Under Ice, so his band is real busy too. Alan left the band a few years ago, because he’s a mechanic, he has a real job, so he couldn’t tour that much, but that’s why he’s back in the band, because we don’t tour as much. Hunter’s actually in another band called Bracewar and in another band called Heathens, so he’s got other stuff going on too. We put out a new record this year, six-songs, on Reaper Records. We don’t want to break up and want to do as much as we can, so that’s just the deal with us now. We’re still a band, but we just don’t tour as much as we used to.

Faye: Are the other bands your priorities now?
David: Yeah, in 2008 when Groater left the band and Daniel decided to go back to school, we didn’t know what we were going to do and we thought about breaking up, and then we thought about not breaking up, and just staying as a band and just not touring as much, so that’s what we agreed on and then that summer was when I got asked to join Terror, and then that fall, Jared joined Trapped Under Ice. It was kind of already an idea to just take it slow with Down To Nothing, so, yeah, the other bands are our number one priorities right now.

Faye: What made you want to join Terror full-time?
David: They’re one of my favourite bands before, like one of my all-time favourite bands ever, and I knew the dudes pretty well, and I always wanted to be in a full-time touring band, so when Down To Nothing decided not to tour as much any more, I didn’t know what to do and then I got asked and it was perfect.

Faye: That means you play two sets on this tour, how’s that?
David: It’s rough on my voice, but it’s getting better. It’s not that bad, anyone who knows me knows that I’m extremely hyper and ADHD, so it’s not that hard for me. [laughs]

Faye: So, are you enjoying this tour?
David: Yeah, I love the tour. The shows have been different for Down To Nothing, because every time we’ve come to Europe, we’ve down strictly hardcore shows, but on this tour, we’re playing to a lot of metal kids and a lot of hardcore kids don’t seem to be coming out because it’s more metal bands and the ticket prices are high, because it’s a fest, but it’s still been great and we’re playing to new people, which is awesome, because we’ve never played shows like this over here. It’s fun.

Faye: What do you think of the other bands?
David: I like them, they’re cool. Some of them aren’t my thing, but I don’t dislike them. I like All Shall Perish a lot, they’re just like straight-up metalcore, it’s cool. And Thick As Blood, I guess you could say they’re more on the hardcore side, they’re cool. Terror toured with them earlier this year, so we knew those dudes.

Faye: Like you said, you released the All My Sons EP this year and it’s a lot more moshy and metallicy, is that like an influence from Terror and Trapped Under Ice?
David: No, I don’t think so, because a lot of the songs were actually written in 2008 on tour. I remember one was written in England on tour with No Turning Back. I just think it’s a natural progression. If you listen to our old stuff and you listen to it in order, it’s gradually getting heavier and heavier. Pipeline’s my favourite song, I love that song.

Faye: Are there any plans for a new full-length?
David: There’s no plans, but we talk about it, we’d like to and we still have other songs written, but it’s just finding the time to record a new LP, it’s hard with everyone being so busy doing other things. It was so hard for us to do that 7-inch, that was just pure luck.

Faye: Are you still a straight edge band?
David: Of course, we wouldn’t be a band if we weren’t. I don’t think it’s cool when bands say they’re a straight edge band, talk all that shit, and then stop being straight edge, but keep playing music and have shirts with X’s on and pictures of them with X’s on their hands and have straight edge songs.

Faye: Why did you become a straight edge band?
David: It was just like we were all straight edge when we started the band, it was just luck. We started like 10-years ago and at the time, all the bands we looked up to, there was a big straight edge scene and that’s just what we wanted to do, and now it’s cool, because there’s like no straight edge bands anymore.

Faye: Does Down To Nothing have any thing in store after this tour?
David: We’ll probably have a few shows this winter and we’ve never been to South America, so we’d like to do that and, of course, we’d like to come back to Europe, but it’s hard to say right now. I’d like to do another full-length or another 7-inch, even if that’s all we can do, but we’ll probably release something else and keep playing. I don’t see it coming to an end any time soon.

Faye: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
David: Fire & Ice, that’s Groater from Down To Nothing’s new band. Of course, Naysayer on Reaper Records, Cruel Hand, Title Fight and Bracktrack, that’s sort of the newer stuff. Cruel Hand’s not-so new anymore, but they deserve to be checked out.

Faye: Is there anything else you want to say?
David: All you kids out there, keep the faith.

Faye Turnbull.

Many thanks to David for the interview and for more information on Down To Nothing, visit:


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