Live Review: The Skints – Trillians, Newcastle, September 28th 2010

No strangers to Newcastle, tonight sees two of the best reggae acts, East London’s The Skints and Amsterdam exports Jaya The Cat, collide under one roof, here’s how it went down…

There’s one thing that immediately stands out as soon as  Jaya The Cat deliver their raspy reggae tunes, is that they are a strikingly tight live band, playing with such ease and perfection. It’s hard not to find yourself bopping along to the laid-back beats of their drug and booze-fuelled anthems like Hello Hangover and even those who were previously unfamiliar are singing along to the chorus of Thank You Reggae as frontman Geoff Lagadec effortlessly controls the room of growing bodies.

Practically, playing to a full room – quite an amazing feat for any band at Trillians these days – it’s pretty astonishing to see how far The Skints have come along in such a short amount of time, with the majority singing along word-for-word. Given a generous hour-long set, there’s room for all the favourites, including the blissful Bright Girl and even Sociopath “for the old school Skints fans” as Josh Waters Rudge proclaims – although, Contemplations of a Modern Rude Boy is sorely missed. Even two covers Bob Marley’s Stir It Up and Dawn Penn’s You Don’t Love Me (No No No) are thrown into the mix, with Marcia Richards taking charge and lending her subtly sweet vocals in the latter. And that’s one thing with these youngsters, no matter how often they appear to play here, you’re not going to see the exact same set twice – they always manage to creatively shake things up. Things are only going to get bigger and better; believe the hype.

Faye Turnbull.


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