Review: Attack! Attack! – The Latest Fashion

After 2008’s self-titled album, Caerphilly quartet Attack! Attack! have had quite a ride – supporting any amount of big names from Alkaline Trio to Lostprophets and many between, creating the “difficult” second album was surely to be make or break – a continuation of an album that perhaps didn’t gain the full credit it deserved.

In truth, the band’s sophomore offering, The Latest Fashion, makes the aforementioned debut record look like a bunch of jams and demos. The band have gone from “a pretty good up-and-coming UK band” to an all out rock beast. Opener Everyone Knows boasts the catchy and homely hooks that the band are notorious for, and sets the scene for a whole new sound, without taking away from any of the band’s light-hearted appeal. There’s essences of a harder rock sound, and even some grunge thrown in for good measure, step forward stomping title track Latest Fashion and the brilliant My Shoes.

What makes a good album a great one is the ability to try out new things, spread to new branches and most importantly for them to work. The slower, softer tracks such as Blood On My Hands are downright charming, fronted by vocalist Neil Starr’s distinct sound. It’s arguably a record without a skippable track on it, even the longer offerings such as closer No Tomorrow, which clocks in at almost five minutes, still grasp the listeners ears, as opposed to a lot of bands that simply mess up the “big final song”.

This is a record that a lot of the bands peers, and even larger scale bands doing the same thing, can be incredibly jealous of. The quality of the songs is there with a bang, the Longwave production is crisp and complimentary, and this record is going to put Attack! Attack! firmly on the map, where they should of been two years ago.

George Cannings.

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