Interview: Not Advised

Not Advised are currently undergoing their tour around the UK after releasing their new album After the Fight. Compared to the likes of Funeral For A Friend, they’re setting out to establish themselves amongst the big bands and hopefully it’ll be on this tour they manage to achieve their goals. Katie meets the quintet to discover how things are going so far.

Katie: So, you’ve just started your tour, how’s it going so far?
Andy [drums]: Amazing, we’ve done Bristol and Birmingham so far and we’ve never headlined in Bristol before, so that was really good to do and Birmingham last night was really good too. This is the first time we’ve done the major cities.
Jack [guitar]: When we started the band all we wanted to do was get out and play shows, so that’s what we’ve done and it’s going really well.

Katie: Which gig are you looking forward to playing the most?

Ash [guitar]: One of them was tonight, I’ve been really looking forward to playing here and I think tomorrow in Glasgow will be another good show.
Greg [bass]: I’m looking forward to all of them.
Jack: We’ve sound a lot of tickets tonight with out any support from local bands, so I’m really proud of tonight’s gig but I think we’re all excited to get out there and play all the shows.
Ash: You tend to get expectations before you leave and in the back of your mind you’re hoping it’s all going to be well good, but then like you don’t want to get your hopes up in case you get disappointed but we look forward to every gig and so far every gig we’ve done has lived up to our expectations.
Jack: Last night was pretty good, people had been waiting for us for hours.

Katie: On your new album, you’re putting tracks from your old album, why is that?

Jack: When we made our first EP we had like five tracks, and then LAB records came to us and said they wanted to put our CD out again and re-release it and add more tracks and do a video and make it the bigger release it should have been in the first place really, so we thought that was a cool idea. We’ve done it properly this time, we’re writing an album now which is all new, we’re not going to be a band which keeps putting out the same songs it just happened that way coincidentally.
Andy: We thought we didn’t release the first CD to it’s full potential.
Ash: We can do that now we’ve got the help of LAB records.

Katie: Has joining LAB records really helped you as a band?
Jack: It’s been really good. It’s not that we got signed by LAB records and then stopped working hard, what happened was that we got signed by LAB records and then got a new team of people that were into our band as much as we were and we are all working hard for it. Two heads are better than one really.
Ash: That’s what it’s about though, we’ve always wanted to do it properly and we did everything our selves first time, booking shows, merch and now we have someone that really helps us but we still have a lot of input like we did in the first place. We’re a good team.
Jack: They’re really good, they have faith in our band and they always work hard for us but they never tell us what we have to do song wise or try and make us into something we’re not so we’re really happy with it.

Katie: What’s the influence behind the new album? The title After the Fight is similar to the previous, is the sound similar or have you developed and matured?
Greg: It’s really about our experiences of being a band and how hard it is and how hard it is to be in the position that we’re in.
Andy: Not that we’re moaning about it.
Jack: We’re not moaning, we’re really grateful for how well it’s going but anyone in a band knows that it is really hard work, it is difficult – you’re sleeping on floors, you’re playing to empty rooms. So, we didn’t want to write about stuff that we didn’t understand, we write our songs together and the band is the thing that the five of us have in common.
Andy: No point writing about girls cause we don’t understand them.
Ash: We can put more passion and emotion into our songs because we understand what it’s all about.

Katie: Since the release of the new album, you’ve been compared to Lostprophets and Funeral For A Friend, do you think you’re similar – can you see the link?
Ash: We’ve always been connected to Funeral For a Friend ever since we started out, and it’s a really big compliment because Funeral For A Friend and Lostprophets are really big bands. To be honest, the amount of bands people say we sound like is a lot but everyone’s got their own opinion at the end of the day, everyone hears different influences in the same song.
Andy: We’ve had Zebrahead as well, apparently we sound like the rapper from Zebrahead, but we don’t rap. I’d rather they said we sound like good bands like Funeral For A Friend and Lostprophets rather than rubbish bands.

Katie: What would you give your new album on a rating scale out of ten?

Andy: Ten, of course!
Greg: We’d say that because we’ve put so much effort and passion into it.
Jack: We’d never write songs and put out a CD that we didn’t think was the best we could do at that time.

Katie: What differs you from other rock and punk bands? What makes you stand out from the others, why should we listen to you rather than bands in your genre?
Jack: We can’t sit here and say we’re the best band in the world, people should listen to us to see if they like us and if they do then that’s really great.
Andy: We do more than just play gigs, we try and have good interaction with our fans, we try and keep that to a maximum so we do meet and greets on tours. It’s not so much as why people should listen to us over other bands, it’s more to do with why they should be part of this experience with us. We want them to like our songs and like us, to get involved and make it better, we don’t want to be a five minute band who come and go – so the more people we can engage with on the road the better chance we have of surviving.

Katie: What are your strengths and weaknesses as a band?
Andy: That’s tough.
Ash: Organisation is probably a weakness.
Jack: We have passion but we execute things in the wrong way sometimes but a strength would be that as a band we never give up. Like right now, Jim has a torn muscle in his throat and he’s our lead singer but instead of pulling out we’re here.
Jim: We could have cancelled and said that’s it we’re not playing but Ash said he’d sing so we can still tour.

Katie: Has the band’s journey been more successful and easier than you thought, or has it been much harder?

Ash: Nah, it’s been long and hard and it’s really hard work.
Andy: I don’t want to sit here and moan about it though because when I saw bands in interviews growing up and they’d sit and moan I’d always think what the hell are you even moaning about, but I’ll say that it was a lot harder than I first thought it was going to be but at the same time it’s also been the best years of my life.
Jack: It seems like an easy idea, starting a band and getting 200 people to a venue in one massive city isn’t hard but then you go out and you’re playing to no one and you realise how much of a mountain you’ve got to climb, it’s not as easy as it seems but we’re definitely not ungrateful. We love it and we love being in this band more than anything else.

Katie: You’ve supported You Me At Six, was that beneficial for you as a band?
Jack: It was amazing.
Greg: So good, it’s You Me At Six, they’re the biggest band at the moment and their fans were really accepting of us
Jack: It was so cool because those guy are the sort of people we can’t say good enough things about them, they helped us out so much on that tour – they put us on that tour and they totally helped us out by doing that.
Ash: They were awesome to get along with as well.
Jack: It was a big turning point for us as a band, we didn’t have a booking agent so we have to get our own shows and then for YMAS to come along and say they want us on tour when they could get anyone because there’s so many bands who’d want to tour with them, it was awesome.
Andy: It was the moment we decided we didn’t want to play in rubbish venues, we wanted to see how it could be done and what we could be doing and we realised what we could do, it was a turning point for us – we realised we wanted to be as proud as those boys are.
Jack: They’ve come out of nowhere and they’ve achieved so much and it’s really inspirational.

Katie: Who complains the most on tour?
Andy: Ash.
Ash: It is me, but I lose stuff all the time. We were recording our song Right Now couple of years ago and we were staying in our van on the side of the road in Cardiff and when someone got out the van in the morning after sleeping in it – in the rain – my shoe fell out and gone under the van and we didn’t see that and I was looking for hours for my shoe. Then we realised and had to drive all the way back to find my shoe, in the road, literally soaked. I had to pour it out and everything.
Andy: He’s still moaning about it now, two years later!
Greg: He miss placed some ham and it was his fault and he went mental.
Ash: You’d dumped it in the bin.
Andy: We’d thrown it out because we didn’t realise at the time.
Katie: I’ve read about this story before.
Andy: The amount of times he goes on about it you probably have. He tours around the country complaining about his ham.

Katie: When you’ve been on tour, which city has given you the best reception?
Andy: Scotland, it’s not a city but as a country, it’s been really cool with us
Ash: Scotland and Ireland kids go crazy.
Jack: When we toured in England for the first time it was to hardly anyone, then we went to Scotland and we were playing to a lot more people.
Ash: That’s hard to answer for this tour especially because each night we do it’s getting better.

Katie: Which bands do you get on the best and worst with with?

Jim: We don’t not get on with anyone, really.
Andy: There probably is someone but I can’t really think of who I don’t get on with.
Jack: You Me At Six we get on with, we get on with quite a lot of bands, most that we’ve toured with or played with.
Ash: There’s no one that stands out to me that I’d say I really don’t like.
Andy: We get on with most bands but promoters have pissed us off before when they’re just being dodgy with money.

Katie: You’re next touring with Canterbury in October, how are you expecting that to go?
Ash: They’re a band who are also doing really well at the moment, I think it’s going to be really fun.
Jack: We’ve played a couple shows with them before, they’re really nice guys and the new album is great so it’ll be good, we always like picking tours with bands we think are a really good band.
Andy: The fact that they even asked us is really cool as well, we’ll be playing areas that we don’t normally play too.

Katie: Are you going to any festivals this year?
Jim [vocals]: Reading is our thing to do.
Andy: We’d love to play there.
Jack: Hopefully, next year will be our year to get asked to do festivals.

Katie: Is Reading the festival you’d most like the play at?
Jim: Yeah, definitely Reading.
Jack: Reading or the Warped Tour.
Ash: All of them!

Katie: Which band would you swap places with for one gig only?

Andy: Lady Gaga.
Jack: That’d be insane!
Greg: Green Day or Paramore.
Ash: That’s sort of what we do nowadays though, anyway… Give or take it’s similar cause we’re obviously playing stadiums every night, but I meant the genre.
Andy: Slipknot so we could dress up in the masks.
Jack: Go with Gaga.

Katie: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
Jack: The Dangerous Summer, their album Reach for the Sun is amazing, their music is amazing.
Andy: Out of Sight.
Jack: Yeah, The Dangerous Summer and Out of Sight.
Andy: And of course, Jedward’s new album.. Lady Gaga also…
Jack: Hanson!

Katie Wright.


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