Live Review: Agnostic Front – The Underworld, Camden, London, August 12th 2010

Believe it or not, this is actually 2010, as tonight we see two of the longest-standing bands in hardcore, Agnostic Front and 7Seconds, come together in Camden – one of two hardcore shows happening within a 5-minute proximity of each other!

With punters still piling into the dingy punk rock cavern at 8pm, 7Seconds begin their relentless 45-minute performance of catchy choruses and a whole lot of ‘woooaaahhhs’, as they open with Still Believe. Having seen the band perform two-days prior in Newcastle, there’s most definitely a warmer reception for the hardcore legends tonight, and deservedly so.

30-years on, there’s no doubt that the band have still got ‘it’, despite using a fill-in for Steve Youth on the bass, as frontman Kevin Seconds effortlessly appears to belt out classic after classic, along with Troy Mowart and Bobby Adams tearing it up on the drums and guitar, respectively.

Unlike tonight’s headliners, this set is all about bro-downs not throwdowns, upon the sounds of posi youth crew anthems of Young Til I Die, Not Just Boys Fun and Walk Together, Rock Together – delving deep into their back catalogue – as well as whipping out a cover of Sham 69’s If The Kids Are United, amassing a huge sing-a-long; a very special performance.

On the other end of the spectrum is the not-so melodic sounds of New York hardcore kings Agnostic Front as they unleash their frenzied brand of metallic hardcore, resulting in a raucous reaction with bodies flying left, right and centre to their balls-busting anthems, covering their entire discography, from 1983’s Friend or Foe to 2007’s For My Family and Dead To Me.

A ridiculously tight performance, as they play with as much conviction as they probably did back in 1984, with frontman Roger Miret’s overpowering energy and trademark growls, in contrast with guitarist Vinnie Stigma’s light-hearted presence while performing the slickest punk riffs – not to mention, the chemistry that this odd duo share on stage is unparalleled.

There is honestly little to no wonder as to how Agnostic Front have lasted so long and are still touring relentlessly to this day; it’s a genuine love for the genre and each other, something that a lot of current hardcore bands should take note of.

–  Faye Turnbull.

Keep checking back for our interviews with 7Seconds and Agnostic Front!


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