Live Review: Not Advised – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, August 4th 2010

Headlining their first UK tour, Not Advised didn’t let the illness preventing vocalist Jim Thomas hold them back. Ash Oliver stepped up and took centre stage for the band as they performed to a surprisingly young audience at Newcastle’s O2 Academy – at the age of nineteen I felt like an OAP.

Appearing onto the stage to a tune which can only be described as a mix of War of the Worlds and Star Wars theme, their set began and brought the audience to life. Ash provided vocals so impressive that the band started joking they might not have Jim back.

The Winner being a highlight of the set, sending the fans into a frenzy after asking them to beat Birmingham – which they proudly did. The band rounded things off nicely with their single The World’s Not Ready, performed to the highest standard, before they exited the stage for what seemed like an encore, however, the boys never intended to return.

Not Advised, with the backing of LAB records, have the potential to become as big and as successful as they want, it’s certainly not talent they’re lacking, just an older audience. In order to rival the biggest bands they need to reach a wider audience – preferably those over sixteen.

Katie Wright.


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