Review: My Extraordinary – Shattered Silence

Flying the flag for the North-East comes four-piece My Extraordinary. Since forming in 2008, they’ve slowly adopted and progressed into a much bigger, everlasting sound, and Shattered Silence is the finished product.

Kicking it straight off the bat with something that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Twin Atlantic record (minus the accent), opener Words is simply a huge tune with a heap of potential. The trick to the five featured tracks on the EP, is that the band seem to have focused their energy into a set of massive, carefully crafted choruses. For how straight-forward the songs sound, there’s a heap of technicality behind them, the emergency-ridden History for one, piling on a very distinct and beautiful guitar sound on top of some great hooks, while Travis Baylis (named after a fellow who threw up in Leeds, no less) takes the obligatory slower track comfortably in it’s stride.

The production work hasn’t quite managed to grasp that “big” sound yet, but the strength of the songs themselves more than makes up for it. It’s got enough pop appeal for one audience, and enough dexterity for a more mature crowd. The epic 5-minute closer Alaska caps off a record that’s obviously hitting all the right buttons. Trying something different is a make or break for a band, and My Extraordinary have certainly got the makings of what seems to be a very strong starting block. This is a very strong debut and a solid stepping stone to propel them onto much greater things.

George Cannings.

Shattered Silence is self-released and is out now! For more information visit


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