Live Review: Taint – Trillians, Newcastle, August 3rd 2010

Trillians (or even Newcastle, for that matter) doesn’t see this type of gig often; two well-kept UK secrets on the heavy music scene, Taint and Manatees team up for a UK jaunt, and with the promoter pulling out last minute, it’s a wonder anyone showed up at all! For those who did, they’re certainly in for a treat…

Locals Kansasburns play, disappointingly, to less interested people than they have digits on their hands. Not that it stops them opening with a very strong set for a bunch of locals – something very rare, especially in the area. Their artsy, beautifully-tainted (no pun intended) post-rock sounds show maturity well beyond a band with just one EP to their name, and in half an hour they’ve certainly managed to claim their stake for a place among the bands following tonight.

Carlisle noisemongers Manatees play incredibly crushing, darkened sounds. It’s made even more confined by the space the trio have on a tiny stage tonight. The result is something ridiculously heavy, but incredible to behold. It takes some doing to listen to, especially 15-minute epic The Sunclimber, but it definitely pays off and enriches, and the band sound like a well-sharpened, tightly-functioning drone machine which goes down well with the steadily gathering crowd. Completely different to tonight’s headliners, but Manatees have proved their worth and it’s arguable that half an hour just isn’t enough to truly witness such a spectacle.

Taint have apparently been going since 1994, that’s what says… So, for a band of this calibre to have been going this long and still playing these tours is absolutely criminal. The band chug into a very Mastodon-like set fuelled by new EP All Bee’s To The Sea, including th12-minute stormer of a title track buried in amongst the set. It’s just good, loud, heavy music at it’s best, and it’s clearly appreciated by those who’ve made the trip. Their aggressive blend of unpredictable talents bare only three quarters of an hour tonight, culminating in fantastic single Black Rain, but it’s another day, another show, and it’s an absolute blinder that others should be kicking themselves for missing – maybe if people didn’t bypass these all-important gigs as much, this band could (and most certainly should) be a lot more well known on the UK metal scene than they are.

George Cannings.


One Response to Live Review: Taint – Trillians, Newcastle, August 3rd 2010

  1. Steve says:

    Yeah I was at that gig.

    Shame that not enough people didnt show up. As it was a brilliant gig by both Manatees and Taint.

    Best £4 I have spent in a long time.

    Kansasburns were OK as well. Just took a bit too long getting to the Metal parts. But its nice to hear of a North East band in the vien of Pelican, Russian Circles and Red Sparrowes.

    Manatees just blew me away. Been a fan of theirs for a couple of years. Always wanted to see them. And they didnt disappoint me at all. Epic 30 minute set. How can a 3-man band make so much noise.

    Taint – Well I have been wanting to see these guys since 2005 album – Secret And Lies. These guys were just brilliant from start to finish.

    Highlights for me were Black Rain, All Bees To The Sea and the epic I’m Going To Kill Henry Ford.

    If you get to see Taint then do. As you wont regret it. One of the best underground metal bands has to offer.

    Hopefully they will come back to Newcastle with a bigger audience. Even though they got a hell of a reception from the small crowd in attendance.

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