Interview: Millionaires

Following their wild Slam Dunk performances, Faye recently had the opportunity to chat with the controversial Millionaires ahead of their headline show in Bristol. They got talking about haters, being compared to Ke$ha, their DIY ethic and, of course, Chipotle!

Faye: You seem to come to the UK a lot now, is that because you’re on a UK label?
Melissa Green: Yeah, we just signed to B-Unique, so we’re just coming out here to do press, because we don’t really have a fanbase out here, like we do in the US.

Faye: I was supposed to interview you at your Leeds show in December, but you had to cancel because Allison had to have surgery to remove a huge cyst.
Allison Green: Yeah, I’m sorry.
Melissa: Yeah, Allison had to have surgery so, it was a little stressful. It put us back a little bit, so we had to reschedule, so now we’re pretty much making up all the lost time. Everyone thought she was exaggerating. [laughs]
Allison: Yeah, it was large. Everyone was like, “Oh, she’ll be fine!” I don’t think so!
Melissa: She was in bed for 8-weeks, she had a walker.
Allison: [laughs] I looked like an old woman, I looked really sick

Faye: I finally saw you at Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds, it was wild! How did you find that?
Melissa: That was fun, I threw up on stage the day before, though. I had some sort of alcohol or food poisoning, something like that, we didn’t know what was going on. I was so ill the whole day, I couldn’t even get up and then after the first song, I just puked.
Dani Artaud: Then the sound engineer didn’t show up, so our sound messed up.
Melissa: Oh yeah, because we ended up not using any microphones, just screaming and the whole crowd was singing.
Allison: [laughs] Yeah, the crowd was our voice, basically.
Melissa: That’s what made it fun! It was like some sketchy house party.

Faye: What happened at the after party? I heard it was a bit chaotic.
Melissa: It was a little intense, like we performed for everyone, so it was sketchy, then at the end, every single guy from like every guy came on stage and was a fucking nut case on the stage. I started stage diving on stage. [laughs]
Allison: Like everyone was naked on stage and dancing around, it was ridiculous.
Melissa: We finished our whole set.
Dani: We don’t quit, fuck that.

Faye: Are most of your shows as crazy as those?
Melissa: Yeah, I mean, it’s a little sketchier out here, because we didn’t know what to expect coming out here. We know how we are in the States and we know how the responses are, but out here, it could be amazing, it could be dangerous, it could be just general. It’s always good to have controversy – good or bad, than to have like a boring set.
Allison: I’m sure everybody is going to be talking about that for a while, so it’s life.

Faye: With all the bands watching you at Slam Dunk, did you find that most watched you for the novelty factor? How do you feel about that?
Melissa: I definitely think that everyone just came because we’ve never played Leeds before, it was our first time and after all our promotion, so it was like word-of-mouth like, “You should see this band”, so everyone came to check us out, which was amazing, because every big band was there. Like New Found Glory, we were the only band they went to see, which is crazy.

Faye: There’s one thing that I really admire about you, there’s so many bands that talk shit about you, but you never talk shit back.
Melissa: Yeah, we don’t like to do that, there’s no point. What’s that going to do for us? There’s no point, let them talk their shit. It just spreads our name, it’s just helping us in the long run. We have a bad enough reputation as it is, we’re not trying to be like Taylor Swift.
Allison: The only person we’ve brought up is, is Ke$ha, but we’re not trying to bad mouth her or her music, we’re just trying to say that we were here first and that we just want to know that we’re original, we’re not trying to copy her, that’s what we’re trying to put out.
Melissa: Yeah, we’re not trying to put her down, we’re just saying we’re original.

Faye: Yeah, do you find it irritating? Because whenever I bring you up, people are always like, “Oh, they’re Ke$ha rip-offs.”
Melissa: Yeah, that’s the whole thing.
Allison: That’s the only thing we’re trying to put out there, is that we were here first.
Melissa: She can do her own thing, but if she’s going to claim she’s original, that’s why it’s upsetting.

Faye: Your lyrics are quite provocative, is that just an exaggerated persona you put on?
Dani: It’s sort of our humour.
Melissa: Yeah, we like to have fun, we like to party and that’s just what comes out when you’re drinking. When you’re drinking, everyone is cussing, you let loose, and that’s what comes out and that’s what you want to hear when you’re having fun.

Faye: Do you consider Millionaires to be a joke band?
Allison: Well, we don’t consider Millionaires a joke band in the way that we like what we do. It’s more kind of having fun.
Melissa: You have to have the mentality when you’re listening to music to have fun and not cry about your ex-boyfriend.
Dani: There’s music for every emotion and we just focus on the party aspect of life.

Faye: Do you find it funny that people take your music so seriously?
Allison: They’re just low lives. [laughs]
Melissa: If people are really believing that we are at a strip club like every night, it’s just like, open your eyes a little bit.
Allison: We party, but when people are like, “You do that every day? You’re sluts!” It’s like, c’mon!
Dani: People take themselves too seriously.
Allison: Like everyone has sex. People who take themselves too seriously are just insecure.
Dani: It’s like, fucking have a glass of wine, chill out. [laughs]

Faye: Have any mean comments ever bothered you?
Melissa: The only mean comment that ever bothered me -it wasn’t actually towards me, it was when Allison had to have surgery, someone Twittered me saying, “Good, I hope she fucking dies.” And that bothered me, because that’s not like talking shit, that’s a death wish on someone who’s ill. I don’t care who it is, that bothered, she’s my sister. It turned into not talking shit about the band, it was personal, it was a family member who was very ill and bedridden. We were stuck out here and away from home, it bothered me.
Allison: When people say, “Oh, yeah, I’m glad that’s slut’s ill.” That’s general, but when it’s like, “I hope she dies, so the Millionaires break-up.” Are you fucking kidding me?
Melissa: I remember, in my mind, that really bothered. Other than that, though, the general talk shit, nothing bothers us like that.

Faye: Lots of people call you untalented, and in Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid, you even say “No talent, just lucky”, do you really believe that?
Melissa: Honestly, our talent is performing. We haven’t had any singing lessons, but we love to perform, so in that song, we’re joking, we’re poking fun at ourselves and how people think we’re ruining music.
Dani: The thing about any rap song you’ve ever heard, any guy in a rap song, they say the most fucked up shit and no-one’s like, “You fucking sluts, you’re ruining music!” They think it’s sick and when we make a rap song, it’s like, “Wait, what? You sluts!”
Melissa: I think we have tons of talent. If you took a random stranger who was talking shit about us and you put them on stage, and let them deal what we have to deal with daily, not one person after a day could deal with it.
Dani: We made one band break-up. [laughs]
Melissa: Yeah, we called out a band and the next week, they couldn’t handle it and broke up. [laughs] It wasn’t even that big, it was on Twitter and they freaked out.
Dani: It was because they wrote a song called Thank God I’m Not A Millionaire or something like that.
Melissa: On the singer’s Twitter, there was a picture of her drinking alcohol and being wasted, like are you shitting me? [laughs]
Allison: She was making fun of us, and it was like, “You’re drinking alcohol on your fucking picture!”
Melissa: We called her out, we never talk shit on anyone, we just posted that picture and they broke up.

Faye: You said you haven’t had any singing lessons, but, apparently, Allison sings on Jonny Craig’s album?
Allison: No, that’s not me. [laughs] It was like really random, because we first found out about it, I was at my friend’s house and there was random people over, and our friend Jeffree Star came over and said, “Oh, you sound so good on that Jonny Craig album.” and I’m like, “Who’s Jonny Craig?” We didn’t know who he was so, we went upstairs and he played me the song, and it was this woman singing, that’s not my voice, it was all soulful. [laughs] On the CD it says, “featuring Allison Green”. One day we were at Robbie’s house, the guy who done our music video, and Jonny Craig came up to me and was like, “Are you Allison? Everyone thinks you’re on my song.” I guess he recorded it and he wanted a girl vocal, and it was some random girl, who worked at the studio – a young girl, who was like 13, and just happens to spell her name exactly the way I spell it. So, we just joke about it, because everyone is like, “You have such a good voice.” and I’m like, “Yeah, I know, thanks.” [laughs] One day, he was like, “You should just come on stage with me and sing that part, so people really think that.” It’s really funny.
Melissa: It helps us, because it looks like we’re really good friends with Jonny Craig. [laughs]
Allison: And that my voice is so beautiful. [laughs] He’s a really good friend of ours now.

Faye: So, back to the haters, has anyone actually said anything mean to you in person? Or is it just online?
Dani: One time we were on Warped Tour in Montreal, I was like standing by myself at the gate behind the stage, and someone was like, “Aren’t you in that band Millionaires?” and I was like, “Oh, yeah!” being all nice, and they were like, “You guys suck!” And I was like, “[laughs] Ok…” What do I say to that? [laughs]
Melissa: Normally, people are too afraid.
Allison: The only thing is when we’re on stage and people walk past really quickly, because they don’t want to be seen saying it, and say “You suck!” and walk off.
Melissa: Normally, we call them out and then they freak out and cry. You don’t do that when someone has a microphone.
Allison: Yeah, who’s voice is louder?
Melissa: I don’t understand, not everyone likes every kind of music, so I don’t understand why people hate us, I don’t like certain bands. I mean, you pay $70 to get in, you’re sweaty and about to pass out, yet stand there in the midst of 1000-kids and you’re trying to stick your middle finger up.
Allison: Sometimes I go to a show and I don’t like a band’s music, but I don’t get a beer, make sure I drink half of it and throw it on stage at them. I’ve never done that in my life. The who throw something on stage or say something are just low lives, they just have nothing going for them at all. If you had common sense or any sort of education or integrity, there’s no point.

Faye: Do you find that the Millionaires/BrokeNCYDE hate is kind of dying down?
Melissa: I think people are accepting that we’re not going away.
Allison: It’s because they’ve tried to get us to go away, but they realise they can’t.
Dani: Like when those bands came on stage, we didn’t puss out, we kept going.
Allison: Yeah, we didn’t run off stage, crying like, “Water was thrown at me!” There’s no way. It’s fucking water, it’s liquid, calm down.

Faye: You’re still pretty young, do you have a 5/10 year plan? How long do you intend to keep Millionaires going? I know Melissa has a major in Mathematics.
Melissa: We’re seeing how it goes, we’re doing it for fun. We’re having fun doing it and we’ll ride it out for as long as possible.
Allison: But we’re not going to be like 26 and sing “We’re sucking this dick.”
All: [laughs]
Dani: That sounded so sketchy.
Melissa: Yeah, we’re not fucking retarded. We’ll see how long it can go and see where it can take us, it can take us in so many directions. If it gets huge, we can go through the whole pop route for the long term, or get in the music business somehow, you never know.
Allison: I do graphic design, I could always design merch or end up in management, or MillionAirlines, maybe? That’s a multi-million dollar investment right there. [laughs] We have the photography thing. We’re arty, creative people, we write our own music, we like performing on stage, performing is just our business.

Faye: You’ve been working on your debut album, is that nearly done?
Dani: We’re just working on multiple songs and putting together the best of the best.
Melissa: It’s been going on for so long, so we might as well go the whole way and not just throw something together, we might as well come out with something that we’re completely satisfied with.
Dani: Instead of like two good songs and the rest being track fillers.
Melissa: Our first single comes out July 12th, so we’re going to push that and see how it goes, and then we’ll be out with a second single, which I think is called That’s How We Party. That’s when we’ll figure out when to release the album, probably after the first or second single, we don’t know exactly.
Dani: We just live, day-to-day.

Faye: I saw in another interview that you want to break into the mainstream, and I’ve noticed that some of your more recent songs, like Stay The Night, are more toned down.
Allison: Yeah, but people are still freaking out that it’s about one night stand.
Dani: So many songs are about one night stands, it’s like, c’mon.
Allison: We could say anything and it’s like, “You’re a prostitute now?”
Dani: It’s because we’re girls, that’s what it is.
Allison: If Britney Spears said it, no-one would say anything, but because we’re saying it, it’s wrong.
Dani: It is toned down, but some people have still managed to find controversy in Stay The Night. It’s like the cleanest song ever. Some people are like, “It’s way too clean.” Then when you go on YouTube, people are like, “Oh my God, one night stand!”
Allison: We had a Christmas song and we were joking about Rudolph, and they were like, “They’re trying to promote bestiality?!” [laughs] Are you fucking kidding me? Yeah, I’m fucking this animal in the back right now… That song’s hilarious, though.

Melissa: Can I ask you a question? ‘Cause like you don’t drink, but you understand and listen to our music. What do you feel?
Faye: I’ve always said to people that I can just appreciate it for what it is, it’s fun and catchy. I don’t look down on people who drink.
Melissa: You see, that’s beautiful. You don’t even drink, but you understand it.
Dani: Yeah, we’re not trying to get people to do what we do, we’re just having a good time.
Melissa: For you to accept it and not even drink, that’s a beautiful thing.
Dani: We’re not trying to impose our will on anybody.

Faye: So, you released your last EP on Decaydance, did you expect the amount of drama it caused?
Melissa: The whole situation with that, is that we never signed to Decaydance, that was really thrown off. We were on Warped Tour and we knew weren’t going to have a record ready, so we decided to do an EP and to have a hard copy, you need some sort of backing, some sort of label. Then our management, Crush Management, they deal with Fall Out Boy and Pete Wentz, we’re friends with all those guys, so we just did like a friendly thing, they just put their name on and released it for us, so we had the hard copies to sign on Warped Tour. There was no contract and we weren’t dropped or anything like that. But, yeah, people were really upset that we were on Decaydance, but what the fuck does that matter? We weren’t even on it.

Faye: Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship was involved quite a lot with it, were you surprised that he took so much interest?
Melissa: I’ve known Gabe for a long time, like before Millionaires, and from the start, he already knew me and he knew it was authentic. He’s a good guy. I love Gabe.

Faye: I interviewed Gabe, and we got talking about Millionaires, he said you’re probably more punk rock than most ‘punk’ bands because of your DIY ethic.
Dani: That’s why people on Warped Tour started to like us, like Bad Religion.
Melissa: Yeah, I guess they talked shit on us at the beginning without knowing us, which is general. We were the only girl band on Warped Tour, there was other girls like Lights, but they each had a supporting guy band. We were the only girls on the fucking stage with a fucking iPod.
Dani: And we took all the shit, people would quit and be little pussies, but every day we stuck out.
Melissa: For the punk bands to be mean and call you out, it wasn’t just the fans, it was backstage, like bands trying to talk shit to our faces, but changed at the end after knowing what we go through.
Allison: People don’t know what we go through, every day we know people are going to say something, but we don’t care, we keep walking the streets.
Dani: We keep our head held high, no matter what.
Allison: We’re the definition of DGAF – don’t give a fuck. Us three girls, we keep it strong.

Faye: Didn’t you share a bus with BrokeNCYDE? How was that?
Melissa: We’ve been friends with those guys forever, our first tour was with them, so we’re good friends.
Allison: They’re nice guys, they never cause any problems with us. They sleep, they drink, they’re very easy going guys.
Melissa: To deal with three girls, I give them props. It’s hard as fuck to deal with us.
Dani: I wasn’t even on the bus most of the time. [laughs] I just used the shower.
Melissa: There were like 80 buses on Warped Tour, and only like 2 or 3 buses had showers, and we had one of those. It was us, The Maine and 3OH!3, that’s it. And BrokeNCYDE go through the same shit as us, so we had eachother’s back.
Allison: Can you imagine sharing a bus with someone who was just hating on us, and being upset with each other?
Melissa: Yeah, like people were sharing buses with people they’ve never met before, so that was cool. They wanted us to share with like VersaEmerge, that probably would have been bad. We just don’t get along with other girls.
Dani: We don’t give a fuck, though, we just hang out with anybody.
Melissa: We’re cool people, we get along with anybody that’s nice to us.

Faye: So, Chipotle, I know you’re big fans. I’m going to London soon and a Chipotle restaurant has just opened there, what do you recommend I get?
Melissa: We’ve been deprived of Chipotle this whole time we’ve been over here, we’re freaking out. Whenever we’re hungover or even drunk, we go to Chipotle.
Allison: We each have our different preference, do we all get steak, though?
Dani: Yeah, and it’s kind of spicy, so it’s niiice.
Allison: We’ll each tell you our order, when I go, I get the burrito with extra rice, no beans, steak, pico de gallo, extra sour cream, cheese, corn and lettuce, that’s general.
Melissa: Mine’s very gen, I just get the burrito with extra rice, steak and extra, extra sour cream, and lettuce, but some time’s it’s just the meat, rice and sour cream sometimes.
Dani: I get the steak fajita, I get like everything on there.
Melissa: We all get the water there.
Dani: The water is so good. It’s delicious. We all get it when we’re hung over.
Allison: It’s the best thing when you’re hung over, just to sip on the cold ice, oh my God.
Dani: We’re talking like fat asses right now. [laughs] Chipotle is a lifestyle.

Faye: Will you be able to go to the Chipotle in London while you’re over?
Dani: We’ve heard it’s in the middle of London, so it’s hard to park with the fucking van. We’ll just have to take the tube to get there. It’s like a day thing, and just sit there for two hours. I want to try it, though, and see if it’s different.
Melissa: I’ll make a big scene if it’s bad, like, “What the fuck have you done to Chipotle?!”

Faye: I saw your Chipotle Halloween costumes on Twitter.
Melissa: [laughs] Oh, yeah! I was a Chipotle worker and Allison was a burrito. I looked so legit in that outfit, I wanted to go to Chipotle. I still have unreleased pictures of me in that outfit on the camera pretending to make her.
Allison: I look like a beached whale on the table. [laughs]
Melissa: Trevor, my ex-boyfriend, was one too, so it was like a line of human burritos.
Dani: I was a pumpkin, the gen pumpkin.
Allison: Next year we should be Oompa-Loompas.

Faye: So, what’s next for Millionaires after this?
Melissa: I think we’re just going to be recording.
Dani: Our main focus right now is to get that shit down, there’s many songs.
Melissa: Everything was just thrown out of context after Allison’s surgery, we’re just trying to get back on track. There’s been time issues, it’s been too much, so we want to focus on the songs.

Faye: Can we expect a proper tour next time round?
Melissa: That’s what we’re fucking wanting, not just the random shows.
Allison: Yeah, a tour is either us headlining or supporting for a few weeks.
Melissa: Yeah, but everything’s just been thrown together, because we came over for Slam Dunk, so these are just random and not promoted correctly. We’re stressed, that’s why we’re so stressed today.

Faye: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
Dani: Breathe Carolina, they were like the first band we ever toured with, ever. I watched them at Slam Dunk and they played like all the old songs, and I got teary-eyed, because it was just like so beautiful, remembering all those old times.
Melissa: Music-wise, we’re all a little different, we listen to so many bands.
Dani: My favourite band right now is Foxy Shazam, that’s all I can listen to. They’re fucking amazing.
Melissa: I love pop music and rap, but favourite band, I love The Spill Canvas, that probably sounds so random, but The Spill Canvas, Elvis and Patsy Cline. It’s random, because, generally, I only listen to pop music, but then there’s those three I can’t live without.
Allison: My favourite band is Sparks The Rescue, I listen to them over and over, and I know every word to their songs, and Basshunter. I’d say those are my two favourite right now.

Faye: Do you have any final words?
Allison: I guess to just check us out, listen to our shit and be ready for world domination.

Faye Turnbull.

The single Stay The Night will be released digitally on July 12th.


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