Live Review: Millionaires – The Croft, Bristol, June 1st 2010

The UK is becoming almost a second home for scene queens Millionaires, following their signing to B-Unique Records, and this time round, the trio bring their ‘porno-pop’ to The Croft in Bristol for an evening of calamity. Standard, really.

While billed as tonight’s headliners of a supposed three-band line-up, Millionaires take to the stage late at 10.30pm after the first support act – as a result of a poorly ran show, with hordes of kids dying in anticipation for a glimpse of their idols.

Beginning with party anthem Alcohol, it’s clearly an appreciated choice, as the threesome confidently belt out their provocative lyrics and risque dance moves, to a dingy room full of under 16-year-olds mouthing every word.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Millionaires show without some haters, as Melissa Marie, Dani Artaud and Allison Green invite a heckler onto stage. However, it all gets a bit awkward, as said heckler takes his top off and ‘playfully’ wraps it around Melissa’s neck, before kicking him in the genitals and pushing him off stage, following with the aptly-titled Take Your Shirt Off. It really is a true testament to them; nothing phases these young women.

Overall, their minimal six-song set – including the suggestive Microphone, the synth-led Prom Dress and new single Stay The Night – is actually impressively entertaining, especially when they admit to have had no singing lessons, as their vocals sound fabulous, not to mention their general stage presence; it’s all on top form.

Shameless pop fun, nothing more, nothing less, and definitely nothing to take serious!

Ke$ha who?

Faye Turnbull.

Keep an eye out for our interview with Millionaires coming soon!


One Response to Live Review: Millionaires – The Croft, Bristol, June 1st 2010

  1. Tom says:

    Millionaires rule, I can’t wait for your interview.

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