Interview: Lower Than Atlantis

On tour with an all-US lineup of I Am Ghost, Eyes Set To Kill and Confide, Lower Than Atlantis frontman Mike Duce stops to have a chat with George in Newcastle. he sympathises over Mike losing his iTunes, and Mike teaches George the true meaning of the band’s debut album title. Come read…

George: Can you say your name, and what you do in the band?
Mike: My name’s Mike, I sing, play guitar, and drink and fuck slutty girls in Lower Than Atlantis.

George: How’s the tour been so far? The whole thing’s been through Europe already…
Mike: Yeah man, it’s been fucking sick! Just been hanging out, met some new people, getting drunk, playing songs we wrote in other countries, hanging out with our friends, loving it!

George: Is it hard opening for three bands that are not only on the grand scale of things more well known than Lower Than Atlantis but completely different genre-wise, as well?
Mike: Well, thing is what we thought we’d be doing is playing to other band’s fans, and trying to win them over kinda thing – we’ve actually had people in the other countries singing along to our songs and stuff, so we’ve been doing alright man, it’s not been too bad!

George: Well you’ve just kinda answered the next question, have people been taking to you well, or do people even know your songs beforehand? Have you made a load of new fans off of it?
Mike: Yeah, they’ve been loving it! We’ve been getting them going, ’cause the other thing is we’re filming a music video on this tour, as soon as you tell kids that man, they’re like, fucking backflipping off the stage and everything. It’s quality, fucking loop the loop!

George: You just released Far Q, are you pleased with the reaction it’s received so far?
Mike: Yeah, apart from one thing; Kerrang!, if fucking, any of you cunts are reading this, they gave us 3K’s, it’s a 6K record, you piece of shit! [laughs] So yeah!

George: What’s the influence behind Far Q?
Mike: Musically, or just in general?
George: In general?
Mike: It’s quite a pissed off record I guess. Everything was just really shit for me for about six months so each song is about a different shit thing, really.
George: What like?
Mike: Just life in general.

George: What does Far Q mean?
Mike: Far Q (Pronounced, “Fuck You”)
George: [laughs] I just got that!
Mike: We wanted to call the record ‘Fuck You’, but then we would have had problems getting it in shops, and radio play and stuff, so we just called it Far Q, which is kinda even more of a fuck you, because people on the radio and stuff, don’t realise they’re saying it.
George: I didn’t realise, just there!
Mike: Yeah! It’s like “Debut album, fuck you!”.

George: It sounds quite a bit different from Bretton, what inspired the change?

Mike: The next one will be different again man! Completely different. I dunno, I don’t like bands that have a set sound, and every record’s like a jingle jangle. It’s like Every Time I Die man, that last record sounded like b-sides of the album before, I hate that shit. I want it to be different every time, and our musical tastes change daily! So why not put it in the music we write?

George: Far Q seems to drive yourselves away from bands that people tend to associate you with; bands that are in your top friends on your MySpace for example, Brides, Your Demise, Blackhole, was that intentional, or did it naturally occur?

Mike: Those bands aren’t our friends on there because we sound like them, they’re our friends ’cause they’re our friends. [laughs]

George: Is it the work you’re most proud of to date?
Mike: Yes and no, because…most proud, because it’s documented, it’s already recorded. But the new stuff, we’ve got, fucking makes it look like it was written by We Are The Ocean or something! [laughs]

George: Can you describe Far Q in three words for those who might not of heard it?
Mike: Suck my dick. [laughs]

George: What’s the story behind Taping Songs Off The Radio?
Mike: Mate! So pissed off, I was sitting on my bed on my laptop, and I had weeks and weeks of tunes on it, for some reason I turned my computer on, put my iTunes on, and opened Firefox. I always do that, that’s my little thing when I log on – open up Firefox, open up iTunes, put some music on. Open up, and it said “deleting iTunes library”, and I had to watch it delete itself! I was like “What the fuck!?” trying to stop it, I had to watch it delete all my songs! So pissed off man, I told my mum and she was like “Well it serves you right for not paying for them!” [laughs]

George: It seems like a lot of the song names and lyrics in Far Q have a lot of references to modern day things – are you not worried your songs will get a bit dated?
Mike: Yeah, probably! But we’ll have a new record out, so…not gonna last forever, is it?

George: As a still relatively new up-and-coming UK band, who are your favourite upcoming UK bands and why?
Mike: Let me think… Upcoming UK bands. I use this to help out my friends, I’ve got a friend in a band called Pacer, they’re in our top friends. They haven’t got any music up on there, but check them out! Kinda Shook Ones sort of punk rock. Brides, man. They make wicked music, and they’re just getting nowhere! People need to fucking listen to them, they deserve it!

George: What’s in store for Lower Than Atlantis in the near future?
Mike: Four or five consecutive sold out dates at Wembley Arena with Blink 182 as main support. Nah, I dunno mate! Who know’s what the future holds, we’ll see! Something good. Loads of booze as well.

George: Change the record, what bands should we be listening to?
Mike: Oh fuck, I can only say what I listen to. Saying that, that new fucking Cribs record is fucking sick, listen to that. What else? Regina Spektor, I dunno, fuck, what do I listen to? Lately all the bands on this tour have given us CD’s and that goes on in the van. Listen to whatever makes you happy!

George: Anything to add?
Mike: If you don’t listen to Lower Than Atlantis, you are a prick! [laughs]

Lower Than Atlantis’ aptly named debut record, “Far Q”, is out now!


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  1. sab64 says:

    This was a great read! How did you get in touch to get an interview if you don’t mind me asking?

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