Interview: Ten Second Epic

Two days before finishing up their debut tour of the UK, Faye managed to get a hold of Canadian pop-rockers Ten Second Epic in Newcastle. They got talking about starting from scratch over here, their close connection with considerably heavier Canadian bands, how the Lights collabaration came about, and tons more!

Faye: Can you say your names and what you do in Ten Second Epic?
Sandy: I’m Sandy, and I play bass.
Daniel: My name’s Daniel, and I’m the guitarist.

Faye: How are you today?
Sandy: I’m good actually, I feel great. I’m happy to be in Newcastle.
Daniel: Two days ago we partied, but last night we took it easy.

Faye: For those who aren’t familiar, can you tell be a bit of history of Ten Second Epic?
Sandy: Eight years ago in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we were best of friends growing up.
Daniel: It’s one of those normal stories, we weren’t good at anything except playing guitar.

Faye: In Canada, you’re pretty well known and have had quite a bit of success, so coming over here, is it like starting out all again?
Sandy: Absolutely, and it’s the best feeling ever. It’s really exciting. I feel like what we did when we first started Ten Second Epic, so it’s great.

Faye: Have people been at all familiar with you here?
Daniel: I think as the tour has went on, yeah. From the first show to know, I don’t know if people have been talking, but there’s more people familiar. Last night, people were singing along.

Faye: Did you have any expectations coming over?
Sandy: We expected no one to know who were are, and it was really, really nice to see kids singing along, back to us , so it’s been cool.

Faye: Have you had time to be tourists?
Sandy: On one of our days off, we went to see Stonehenge, and we were walking around Scotland. We try to get to the venues early, so we can sort of take in some sites in the city.
Daniel: We wanted to do more, but you’re always packing into the van as soon as you’ve played to go somewhere else.
Sandy: But me and you spent an hour walking around here today, and it’s a beautiful city, so we’re stoked.

Faye: Why did it take you so long to come over?
Sandy: I wish I had an answer for that, but I don’t. I’m just glad to be here now at least!

Faye: You seem to rep bands such as Living With Lions and A Textbook Tragedy a lot, who are considerably heavier than you, why so? Is it the Canadian connection?
Sandy: It’s just cause we’re friends, a lot of Canadian bands are friends with each other. It doesn’t matter what style of music you play, we’ve gone on tour with both of those bands and it’s been phenomenal. We’ve stayed friends with them and I’m a fan of them as well as a friend.
Daniel: Those kind of tours are the best because you don’t see three of the same type of band. You get to watch some metal, some punk, and it’s still interesting by the forth band.
Sandy: Even here now, we just met the couple of bands we’re on our with, Blitz Kids and Cars on Fire, totally different sounds. All three of us our different, and we’re all having so much fun, and that’s refreshing to see, where we have the same kind of ideas, where people just want to be friends, party, and play music, so that was great.

Faye: Didn’t A Textbook Tragedy recently break up?
Sandy: Yeah, we just found that out about a week. They were great, but unfortunately they called it quits.

Faye: So, you’re into heavier music?
Sandy: We listen to everything, I’d say myself that I listen to more heavier music, but we listen to everything from folk music to death metal.

Faye: What made you want to play in a poppy band?
Daniel: That’s never really the decision, I think when people do decide that they’re going to sound a certain way, it automatically becomes a contrived thing. Whereas, we all play differently, but when we get together, Ten Second Epic is just what it sounds like. It’s like if you make a soup, whatever ingredients you put in, it tastes like that.

Faye: Is that how the Lights collaboration on Every Day came together? The Canadian connection?
Daniel: Yeah, we’ve been friends with her forever, since she was 14 or something, so it was just really natural. We wanted to do a song with her, and we finally got a chance.
Sandy: She was eager to do it as well, so it’s great.

Faye: Aren’t you just releasing Hometown here in June, though it’s been out in Canada since early 2008?
Sandy: Yeah, it’s cool, I’m stoked, and, again, it just comes down to that I’m just happy it’s coming out, just like we’re happy to be here.

Faye: How did signing to Atticus Black come about?
Daniel: I really couldn’t tell you, the two of us anyway, our job in the band is not the business side of things, and I kind of like it that way. We just play the music, tour, and have fun, and good things come out of it.

Faye: Have you been writing for another album?
Sandy: Yeah, we’re already writing for another record. It’s far from done, we’re still demoing, we’re still writing new songs and stuff like that, but we’re really excited. We’re having a really killer time doing it. Some days go better than others, but that’s just the way shit goes.

Faye: Hometown seemed a lot more poppier than Count Yourself In, will the new album be going down the same route?
Daniel: It’ll be just as much of a change.
Sandy: But it’ll still be Ten Second Epic.
Daniel: Yeah, it’s not going poppier, I don’t think, no. I think it’s going faster.

Faye: So, what’s next for Ten Second Epic after this tour?
Daniel: We have one more show on the tour in London, then most of us are going to travel, we’re going to go to France and then Amsterdam. We’re just going to have a blast, and then go home and try to write this damn record. [laughs]

Faye: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
Sandy: Well, you said them yourself, Living With Lions, they definitely need to come over here. Who else would you say we’re listening to?
Daniel: The Swellers we’re listening to, they were just over.
Sandy: They’re such nice dudes, we partied with them on the first couple of days we were here. They’re such good guys, Anto is Canadian, we played in another band before and we used to tour a bunch of times with him.
Daniel: Cars On Fire, they were on this tour.
Sandy: Yeah, they got a new drummer before this tour started, and he had prior commitments, so the last two shows he couldn’t do.
Daniel: They’re great, they sound a little bit like The Bronx, Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die.
Sandy: Cancer Bats are another band, but they’re big, so I guess everyone’s already listening to them.

Faye Turnbull.

Many thanks to Ten Second Epic for the interview, and for more information on the band, visit:


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