Live Review: Atticus Black Tour – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, May 14th 2010

Following two weeks of touring the UK, the Atticus Black Tour finally arrives in Newcastle, sans Cars On Fire, bringing us Canadian pop-punks Ten Second Epic and alt-rockers Blitz Kids, along with local support in the form of INK and My Lost Youth.

As local lads INK take to the stage, expected is nothing more than by-the-numbers Blink-182-esque pop-punk, but they actually churn out a sound that is a lot more beefier and original, boasting some very powerful vocals. By the end of it, it’s clear that those in attendance are loving it just as much as the quintet on stage. These youngsters are onto something here, a rarity in the North East ‘scene’ these days.

A tough task to follow, yet My Lost Youth from Darlington manage to pull out a commendably confident performance, delivering their own brand of pop-punk, and while INK may have just edged it tonight, it’s still fairly impressive compared to the usual produced here. Their cover of Paramore’s Here We Go Again may be a cheap way to garter a response, but it’s actually pretty decent. With a few more tweaks are here and there, there’s definite potential.

Canada’s Ten Second Epic are up next, and while tonight’s crowd seem mostly unfamiliar, they make sure to put on an unforgettable performance. It’s high-energy pop-rock from the get-go, with lead single Every Day from their forthcoming release Hometown managing to get heads bopping and arms raising. Impressively, their sound is a lot more hard-hitting and rougher-around-the-edges live, in comparison to their overly polished, power-pop sound on record.  It’s obvious that this band have been going for around about 8-years by their ultra tight performance and professionalism. Unfortunately, constant drum kit issues arise, somewhat disrupting the set , but it’s all forgotten about as soon as they kick in with the likes of Old Habits Die Hard and Well, That’s The Thing, before finishing it off with Count Yourself In.

Blitz Kids are a band that have been getting a fair amount of attention recently, gartering a strong following on the likes of and even managing to get a feature in Kerrang!’s Introducing… section, so, tonight in Newcastle, we get to see if they really are worth the hype, as they headline in support of their new EP Scavengers.

New single and all-round party anthem Sell Yourself is played surprising early on into their set, and while their lyrics may seem to be a bit juvenile, you would be lying to say they weren’t contagiously catchy, while guiltily singing along to “La, la, la, la, la, la, la, ha, ha, ha!”

Their odd amalgamation of techy pop-rock certainly conveys well in a live setting – although, moments of random screaming, sometimes seem rather unnecessary, completely throwing off one song in particular. Regardless, Blitz Kids are a strong act live and it’s clear to understand their ever-growing popularity, even if they are not suited to your tastes.

Faye Turnbull.

Keep an eye out for our interview with Ten Second Epic coming soon!


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