Interview: Jeffree Star

Halfway through a co-headliner tour with BrokeNCYDE, George takes a step into the unknown and catches up with Jeffree Star. He talks to the self-confessed ‘Queen of the Internet’ about Blood On The Dance Floor, his more mature direction, assaulting, and of course… the Internet. Hold your breath…

George: How’s the tour been so far?
Jeffree: It’s actually been really good, a little cold for me since I’m from California, but every show’s been sold out and really, really amazing.

George: These are considerably bigger venues than your last UK tour, and a lot of them have sold out, are you stoked about that?
Jeffree: Yeah, I’m really excited! It’s cool that every time I come here, like, things seem to be getting bigger, and I love it!

George: We heard a kid threw something at you in Wolverhampton, and you gave chase…

Jeffree: Oh, yeah! [laughs]
George: Good on you! What do you say to people who feel the need to do that?
Jeffree: Well it’s sad that we had a sold out show, and there’s always like, one person that tries to ruin the fun, y’know? I feel like If you don’t stick up for yourself, then everyone’s gonna keep walking on you, so I did run out of the venue and me and my merch guy assaulted him. [laughs] So I mean, it was worth it and it was really funny, and it shows my fans like, don’t let them fuck with you.

George: Is it a common thing for you onstage, people giving you abuse?

Jeffree: No! It usually actually never happens, unless it’s at a festival and everyone’s drunk, and all that shit, fun, it hasn’t happened at any date but that one. He wasn’t a Jeffree Star fan!

George: Despite that guy, do you feel yourself and BrokeNCYDE have a crossover with fans?

Jeffree: Yeah, I think we do share a similar fanbase, ’cause we trade who goes first, who closes the show, and everyone always stays for both of us so it’s cool.

George: What happened to Blood On The Dance Floor coming over?

Jeffree: They had passport issues, I guess. The main singer had his, but the other two couldn’t get theirs in time I guess, so they missed out on a great tour!

George: You collaborated with them on Sexting, and Inject Me Sweetly, how did that come about?
Jeffree: I’d heard about them for a while, and it’s kinda similar to myself and BrokeNCYDE where a lot of people hate it, so I checked it out and I thought it was funny, and I thought it was catchy; they’re like me with my old shit, very low quality kinda, like mine, and they’re just finding their sound. They’re developing a lot, and Sexting was their biggest song so I thought I’d do a little remake of it. They’re fun, they’re really cool!

George: You’re friends with Davey Havok from AFI…
Jeffree: Yeah, he was here yesterday! It’s so mad, we keep missing each other.
George: Have you not crossed paths in the UK yet?
Jeffree: No, we keep, like, every date’s a miss, we keep missing each other.

George: You and your music seems to be aimed more at the rock world, why is this? Do you think you’d fare better in a mainstream environment?
Jeffree: I think for my next record, I’m gonna be a bit more kinda, dancey, more top-40’s kinda pop; with Beauty Killer, I just wanted to kinda show that I actually have real musical talent, ‘cause my previous stuff was just thrown together really quickly and there wasn’t much effort put into it, y’know? So baby steps! [laughs]

George: Would you agree that your music has somewhat matured with the likes of Get Away With Murder and the Beauty Killer album?
Jeffree: Very mature, yeah! When you compare my older shit, like Plastic Surgery to now, it’s like night and day. I love playing my new shit way better now. [laughs]

George: Is it hard for people to take your music seriously?

Jeffree: I think in the beginning, definitely. People just thought in the beginning, I was just this internet thing that had no talent, except do makeup and talk shit about people, so I think now with my music and me doing real videos and real tours, people are now starting to finally respect me as a musician, I think.

George: Do you find people are way too judgemental about the way you look?

Jeffree: Hmmm, I feel like I don’t get as much shit as I used to, so maybe everyone’s used to it or they got over it by now, so I don’t know!

George: Is being who you are onstage a full time thing, or is there a normal you behind the persona?

Jeffree: A lot of people ask that, this is me 24/7. When I wake up from my nap, I’m ready to throw bottles at people. [laughs] Yeah, this is me 24/7. I know a lot of people have characters that are fake, but sadly, I’m me. [laughs]

George: Do you ever have lazy days where you can’t be bothered to put on all the make up and stuff?

Jeffree: Yeah! We have like, one day off after like nine shows, so it’ll be nice to just sit in a hotel all day, maybe get a massage or something.

George: On average, how long does it take you to dress?

Jeffree: Not that long! I can do my make up in like thirty minutes, then there’s outfit changes, so like forty minutes, for hair and make up and clothes. I’m quick. I know some girls take like two hours and they still look like shit. [laughs] They need to take some lessons!

George: Why is physical appearance so important to you?

Jeffree: I just love dressing up! People are like, “Do I call you a he or a she?” but it’s like, I’m not trying to be a guy, I’m not trying to be a girl, I just love dressing up. I’ve been doing make-up since I was seventeen, and it’s just really fun, it’s like a good outlet, I love anything artistic.

George: The Internet has been a big promoter of you over the past few years, do you think you’d be anywhere close to where you are without it?
Jeffree: Who knows, I mean I remember when there was no internet. I was like the first kid in Orange County to have it, and it was the biggest thing ever. What was it, like, 56kb modems? [laughs] Dial-up, dinosaur Internet! But yeah, I think it’s cool that I grew up with this whole technology generation, in some ways it’s ruined a lot of people. People’s relationships are everywhere, and nobody has any privacy, but actually I think it’s everyone else’s fault for putting too much of their lives on the Internet, so they need to be careful, but I do think that technology for my career, definitely.

George: You seem to use Twitter a lot, would you say that’s the next big thing?

Jeffree: Twitter, definitely! MySpace is kinda dying, but Facebook I guess is huge, I love Twitter, it’s really fun, it’s easy. That’s another thing, people put too much personal stuff on there, like where they are, exactly. I guess that’s why Miley deleted hers! [laughs]

George: Name something you can’t live without?
Jeffree: My Mac make-up Studio Fix, and my Mac laptop. And my iPhone!

George: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
Jeffree: Oh god, I really listen to a lot of Hip-Hop, Nicki Minage, Lil’ Wayne’s new rapper girl, she’s amazing, let’s look at my iTunes… Lemme see here, who’s good right now, I’m excited for Courtney Love’s comeback, the new Hole record. I listen to a lot of stuff like Usher, I love David Guetta too!

George: Is there anything you’d like to add?

Jeffree: I just want to say thank you to everyone who has ever checked me out before, and I can’t wait to finish this tour, it’s gonna be sick!

George Cannings.

Many thanks to Jeffree Star for the interview, for more information, visit:


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  2. Evandro says:

    The interview was awesome! I’d like to go to Jeffree’s tour, but unfortunately I can’t. But I’ll wait for a tour near here and I’ll go to every single show haha. Luv u Jeffree ❤

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  4. Tylerrr says:

    Throw Bottles At People 😀 He Threw A Bottle At My Head Last Night XD I Love Jeffree 🙂

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