Interview: BrokeNCYDE

Back over in the UK, Faye caught up once again with Mikl from the infamous BrokeNCYDE, ahead of their sold out Newcastle show with Jeffree Star. They got talking about all their recent controversies, why the BrokeNCYDE hate train seems to have died down, Phat J becoming a father, and a whole lot more!

Faye: The last time you were over was in June, what have you been up to since then?
Mikl: After that, we played Warped Tour, so much stuff has happened and we just got back from Brazil, then we came here.

Faye: How was Warped Tour in the end? Because there was a lot of controversy around you playing, with bands speaking out against you.
Mikl: Nobody bothered us and we had a really good turn out with our fans, they just kicked ass as usual.

Faye: I saw in another interview that Antz wasn’t allowed in Canada on Warped Tour, what was the deal with that?
Mikl: It was because of his past, so they didn’t want to let him in, they’re really strict over there. Hopefully, next time he’ll be able to go in, we’re trying to fix it right now, so we’ll see.

Faye: This time round in the UK, you’re playing and selling out bigger venues, how does that feel?
Mikl: It’s a dream, every day is amazing and last time, I think we did pretty well, but to come back and to be able to sell out a lot of these shows is just amazing. It just shows that we have a lot of love out there, and no matter about the hate, we have all our fans who show it doesn’t matter. If you have a dream, go for it.

Faye: Phat J couldn’t make it to the UK last year, has he been enjoying it?
Mikl: Yeah, he likes it. He couldn’t come over because he just had a baby, it’s almost a year old now, I think. I don’t know how he does it, I give him a lot of credit, he’s a good guy and he works hard, it’s just life.

Faye: On this tour, I heard there was an incident at one of the other shows when someone threw a bottle of piss at Jeffree Star, what did you make of that?
Mikl: Yeah, I was just talking to my girlfriend and I just saw everybody run out, but it’s like us, on Warped Tour, we have stuff thrown at us. Not everybody is going to like you, it sucks, it’s super disrespectful, but karma, I always say, what goes around, comes around. If you don’t enjoy someone’s music, don’t go out of your way, just leave and support what you want to support, but don’t act stupid for no reason, especially over music, but music is a beautiful art that you should enjoy.

Faye: As we know, you get a lot of grief from people and have lots of haters, but can you understand why people might be unnerved about your music?
Mikl: We honestly don’t and we don’t care. Like in the last interview I told you, we don’t care if people don’t like us. We started doing this for the love of music and if people think what we do isn’t music and they don’t respect it, then that’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it. We don’t care. We have all these sold out shows with these amazing people who do love and support us, that’s what we do it for, it’s out of love.

Faye: I remember when I saw you perform live last year, you were on stage inviting all these 13-year-old kids to get high, can you really not see why people may not like you?
Mikl: Our music is about partying and having fun, even if we party with them, you don’t have to get messed up and drink or do drugs. When we say ‘get crunk’, we mean just be yourself, let loose and not care about what people think, and just have fun, because life is just way too short. I’d rather have fun and smile than just sit there and pout. That’s what BrokeNCYDE is, just about being yourself and not caring.

Faye: Yeah, you’ve got lots of loyal fans, they’ve been standing outside all day.
Mikl: It’s crazy, it’s kind of hard to walk around outside, because they just attack you with pictures. We love it all, but it’s just wild.

Faye: Can you tell me any stories about extreme fan devotion?
Mikl: In Brazil, it was really, really wild, we had to have security block off a row just so we could walk through because poeple just grab at you, and they’re screaming and crying, and pounding and shaking the van, it just gets really wild. That just shows that it’s all worth it, we sacrafice and give up a lot, like musicians. That’s why I give anyone who does this a lot of credit, it’s hard, especially with Phat J who has a kid, it’s amazing.

Faye: The past couple of times I’ve interviewed you, you seem like really chill dudes, but on stage you really let go and get wild, is that an on-stage persona?
Mikl: No, it’s just when you have amazing fans, you just go with it, it’s kind of like a drug, it just hits you, it goes into your veins and you just feel so happy, and you just want to give it your all. People come to see you and they pay with their hard-earned money, and we’re doing what we love doing, so it’s a dream for us to be doing that, so we want to give them every ounce of energy that we have. Just to have fun, that’s what shows are for, to smile and to forget about the outside world, and just enjoy yourself. We’re real people, we ain’t fake at all. We’ll tell you straight up how it is, whether you like it or not, but we are who we are.

Faye: You do seem really devoted to your fans, after the show last time, you were hanging around after, taking photos for everyone.
Mikl: Yeah, it’s rough to perform 45-mins to an hour, being sweaty and out of breath, but we still take the time after to meet our fans, that’s what it’s all for.

Faye: It seems that the BrokeNCYDE hate train has died down a little bit, why do you think that is?
Mikl: Yeah, it’s really crazy, it’s pretty much gone so far. There might be another wave of it, but it doesn’t matter, it’s either people just don’t care anymore and are kind of growing up, or I don’t know… Just not hating.

Faye: Is that a good or bad thing for BrokeNCYDE? Would you prefer the publicity?
Mikl: It’s not about the publicity for us, we don’t care. It’s good for publicity because we get more fans and we’re able to show ourselves and music, but we don’t really care, I guess. It is what it is.

Faye: It seems that Se7en gets the most attention in BrokeNCYDE, are you cool with that?
Mikl: I really don’t care, we all just do it for the love of music, we don’t do it for fame or anything else. It’s kind of weird because Se7en’s really shy and quiet [laughs], but it’s just these fans, they’re amazing, so it’s cool, Se7en loves it, everyone loves it.

Faye: Your friends Millionaires are currently over, will you be crossing paths?
Mikl: I doubt it, I don’t even know where we are today [laughs], so I really doubt it, but I wish them the best of luck for their shows, they’re really good girls. We shared a bus with them on Warped Tour, it was pretty cool, a lot of fun. It was kind of wild, but mostly after the shows, it was just everyone drinking and having BBQs after the drives and stuff, it was really cool.

Faye: What’s next for BrokeNCYDE after this UK tour?
Mikl: After this, we have a month-and-a-half tour around the States and Canada, then after that, we’re going to record our album. We were already supposed to be doing it, but things didn’t really work out, so we’re just going to do that right after the US tour, but after that, who knows? Our schedules pretty crazy, but that’s all I know, this tour, US tour, record our album, put it out, maybe the Crunk Kids Tour again in the States. It’d be cool to come back over here, we love it here.

Faye: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
Mikl: The band that I’ve been listening to a lot is Isles & Glaciers, and I still love Innerpartysystem, I’m always listening to them. Breathe Carolina, and all of our friends, I’m born for that kind of music.

Faye: Is there anything else you want to say?
Mikl: Just that we love the UK, and we’re excited for Europe, we always love everybody here, they’re amazing.

Faye Turnbull.

Many thanks to Mikl from BrokeNCYDE, and for more information on the band, visit:


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