Live Review: BrokeNCYDE – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, April 12th 2010

Kids have been here since the early hours for this. Whether they’re decked out in their high tops, or fully clad like their heroes (one boy/girl in particular dressing his/herself up as Jeffree Star, which is shocking to say the very least) there’s something for everyone here today. Apparently, BrokeNCYDE will never die. Let’s wait and see…

Synthetic Season start the night out, and to be brutally honest, give the musicianship side of crunk a shocking rep with the set they pull out. Their forgettable pop/synth ruckus isn’t helped by the fact their guitarist isn’t actually playing his guitar for the most part, and there is a lack of a drummer. Vocalist Ash sounds positively awful, and terribly out of tone. Somehow, just somehow, the kids are lapping it all up. While the pair do indeed own a pair of cojones and pack charisma up to the ear holes, that is surely the only excuse for the crowd to be riled up and jumping like lunatics. Boring songs, awful performance, great reception. 2+2 does indeed equal 5.

Jeffree Star, however, (and somewhat surprisingly) packs charisma, talent and a massive punch from here to yin yang. Dressed in a very distinctive leather getup, he cruises into Get Away With Murder, which is just as appealing a dance song as it is appealing to the rock masses. It oozes power, as does the rest of his tracks. His onstage persona is enough of a show, and his backing band are spot on; it makes for a very fun, action filled performance. While he’s a very unorthodox talent, one should not write Jeffree Star off at a first glance; he might just win you over, like he’s done with a lot of people tonight.

Back for only their second UK tour, BrokeNCYDE see the venue packed out, and they immediately get things going the hard way, launching into the ridiculously-lyriced Schitzophrenia. Their screamo/dance/crunk hybrid shouldn’t work, many argue it doesn’t work, but three hundred-plus people beg to differ, and sing along to every word bleated out by the four vocalists. (Four, being hilariously-named Se7en, Mikl, Antz, and Phat J)

Whilst the fog and lights give the illusion of more of a show, and a karaoke performance than a real set by a real band, there’s no denying that as a live outfit, BrokeNCYDE are spot on. Popular tracks like Freaxxx sound perfect next to more mainstream sounding Booty Call, and the crunked-up crowd certainly take more than a shine to it.

Asking a 14-year-old average age group if they like to smoke weed is somewhat unnerving and inappropriate, BrokeNCYDE are first and foremost, a party band, and their questionable lyrics reflect that. Whether it’s making my “pee pee hard” or five, six, “sucking my dick”, the quartet are still quite a formidable live act once you look past the pizazz. Cheered out for an encore of Get Crunk shows enough people obviously like BrokeNCYDE enough for them to keep themselves afloat, haters or not. Questionable, but brilliant set!

George Cannings.

Keep an eye out for our new interviews with BrokeNCYDE and Jeffree Star coming soon!


One Response to Live Review: BrokeNCYDE – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, April 12th 2010

  1. Mollie says:

    i loooove brokeNCYDE and Jeffree and i well wanted to go to this gig. but i was grounded. D:
    i didnt know sythetic season played too, you just made my life even more crap.
    thanks. D:

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