Review: This Is Divine – These Human Ruins

En route to an attempt to play Download festival, North-East quintet This Is Divine have been hard at work, the fruits of their labour shown in the form of new extended play These Human Ruins – eight tracks of what they like to call “post-metalcore” (think an angrier, more emotional Confide or Oh, Sleeper, with lashings of technicality to boot).

While the production still lacks a real professional quality, it’s a massive step up from first EP Broadcast, and a solid platform for the band to portray their distinct sound. That sound giving off a display of real ambience and mood set – most notably in a reworked version of old track Toronto – weaved in and out of the chopping and churning riffs. There’s a maturity at work here, whilst still sounding fresh and unexpected. (There’s an essence of something close to a Sunn O))) chord if you dig deep enough!)

There’s something for everyone, breakdowns and a tasty intro sample adorn the title track, while a parade gang vocals and singer Chris Baty‘s familiar yell telling the world his name is Apollo sounds better still in a re-recorded Dear Armourer. It’s heavy, but it’s got great structure and doesn’t rush straight for the hooks like many bands tend to.

Depending on which way you look at it, you could want to be flailing limbs, you could be taking it all in in awe; it’s controlled chaos at its purest and a brave attempt that’s been pulled off well and proven successful. Whilst each song is arguably very similar, it’s got a great listenability and a life expectancy that should keep the ears feeling satisfied for a good while yet. We can’t wait, bring on a full-length!

George Cannings.

These Human Ruins is due in May. Check out for more details!


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