Live Review: The Broadcast – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, April 2nd 2010

On a jolly jaunt around the UK are two fantastic talents in The Broadcast and Francesqa. The former coming off tours with The Mission District and Twenty Twenty to name a few, they’ve got a great turnout in Newcastle tonight, and deservedly so!

Local boys Impulse 11 start the night off with a bang. Their set being laced with a mix of covers dotted here and there a la Scouting For Girls and their party starting rendition of Black Eyed Peas’ Good Night, they get the young attendees off their feet, even managing to conduct a moshpit of sorts. They’re really improving with each show, and becoming a lot tighter as a live outfit. It’s no Blink, but it’s a great start!

Francesqa have only been around for little under a year, and they definitely show the signs of developing into something big. Their indie-ish brand of pop-punk hits hard with its target audience after a couple of technical hitches early on, and they deliver big, brash slices of melody and tune. Vocalist Ashley Wilkie has a great range on his chords, and it really does the band well, making each song come well and truly alive. A notable shoutout needs to go to closer A Little Closer, (The different type of “closer”) which boasts memorable singalong choruses, great instrumental work, and cements a powerful set; one which should surely see them taking the headline spots next time around.

The Broadcast have developed quite a fanbase with their relentless amount of shows here, there, and everywhere as of late, and tonight is no exception. There’s a certainly healthy gathering of kids crammed up to the barrier, and they kick off with a bang. Their harmless brand of pop-rock is nothing completely new, but it’s certainly broke through to those in attendance – although it’s certainly depleted somewhat in comparison to about half an hour ago. The four-piece craft their set with great crowd interaction and a clever, fun set of tracks, in particular Closer Party! Party!, which has all the hooks and catchy nuggets of tune that could make it into a massive hit. Though The Broadcast, tonight at least, might not have made as big a splash as their guests, they’re certainly proving they’re out to last, using their frankly awesome tracks to convert, one person at a time.

George Cannings.


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