Interview: Architects

The first day on tour with A Day To Remember, and Architects have pulled into Newcastle, where George gets a chance to sit down and talk to frontman Sam Carter and guitarist Tom Searle. They talk about an upcoming album and how they’re going to top the critically acclaimed Hollow Crown, what they’re getting their mothers for Mother’s Day, and the boys are armed with a pen and paper to take on the very first Change The Record Challenge! They don’t know what they let themselves in for…

George: How are you today?
Sam: Very well, very well.
Tom: Boring.
Sam: Yeah, we got here very early, so we’ve been sitting around since…ten? Maybe earlier.
Tom: About ten.
Sam: About ten, so we’ve been sitting around just doing nothing.

George: It’s the first day of the tour, are you excited?

Sam: Yeah, yeah really excited, actually!
Tom: We haven’t played here in fourteen months.
Sam: Last time we played was fourteen months ago, so we’re excited for today, excited for the tour, A Day To Remember are awesome, and Your Demise are great as well so it’s gonna be a fun tour!

George: Have you met the ADTR guys yet, and if so, how are you getting on?
Sam: We met them, we’ve met them a few times, we met them on the (Bring Me The) Horizon tour briefly.
Tom: Soundwave and that, in Australia, we met them on that, so we had a couple of chats.
Sam: Yeah. Good dudes!

George: What do you feel the ADTR tour can do for you as a band?
Tom: Maybe we can play to some people who wouldn’t normally come and see us, I guess! It’s been a while since we’ve done a tour in the UK, we’ve never done a tour this big, I don’t think, in the UK, so that’s cool, play to maybe win over some people. We feel like old dogs these days, like people’s seen us a million times, which obviously isn’t the case, so maybe we can play to some new people.

George: The tour’s pretty much sold out; what can you offer to the masses that will make you catch their eye?

Sam: We’ve stepped it up this time.
Tom: I’ve got a really nice guitar, people might like that.
Sam: I think our live show’s gonna be the best it’s ever been.
Tom: We’re kinda different, every band on the bill’s pretty different, Your Demise are more of a hardcore band, and A Day To Remember are almost pop-punk at times, so we’ll probably be the heavier end of things, maybe people will like that, who knows?
Sam: Let’s hope so. [laughs]

George: You’ve got quite a lot of different merch, lots of colourful designs and what not, is it important to keep designs fresh?
Sam: I think yeah, nowdays I think it is, because not a lot of kids buy records, more kids seem to buy t-shirts, I think kids get stoked on new designs, and I think it’s always, it’s not the same as bringing out a new record or anything like that, by any means, but I think it’s something we look after.
Tom: Yeah, if you look after it and pay attention to it, and make sure the designs are good, and then you know, it means kids are stoked about buying them, and it gives us more money to go on tour, it’s a win-win.

George: The website always asks a seasonal question; What do Architects get their mothers for mothers day?

Sam: I got my mum a card, before we went away.
Tom: I didn’t know it was Mother’s Day!
Sam: It’s Sunday. I only remembered because I was walking around Tesco’s and I saw the…area, of Mother’s Day gifts. I wasn’t even gonna get one but then I felt bad.
Tom: Shit, I completely forgot! I normally just get her some flowers or something. Sunday, aren’t we in Europe by then?
Sam: No, you have time to get her something. She’ll be along on Friday, so you can get her something and give her it then!
Tom: Yeah, alright!
Sam: Sorted. I dunno what, but…
Tom: I still dunno what I’m gonna get her. I’m not very good at presents.

George: Apparently, you’ve been laying down demos for a new album, can you tell us a bit out it?

Sam: We’ve been demoing, and it’s going well! [laughs] No, we’ve been working pretty much since…
Tom: Tirelessly.
Sam: Yeah, tirelessly, we’ve been working a lot, we wanna make this record, it’s an important record for all of us, it’s the first time we’ve actually demoed the whole thing, put the time into it, made sure it’s perfect to all of us.
Tom: Trying really hard on this one.
Sam: Really hard!
Tom: Because I don’t want to get a job. [laughs]
Sam: So we’ve put in a lot of time and effort into that, and it’s sounding great so far. We can’t wait to record it properly, and get it out, but there’s still a few songs that need to be done.
Tom: A couple, call it a couple.
Sam: We’ll do it. We always do.
Tom: We always pull through, in the end.

George: Hollow Crown was significantly beefier, and more metally than Ruin and Nightmares, will that sound remain on the new album, or is there any significant change to it?

Sam: You’ll have to wait and see.
Tom: And judge for yourself.
Sam: When the record comes out.
Tom: We don’t wanna scare people, I think it’s either we’re going “Naaah, it’s pretty different!” and then listening it back when it’s recorded and I’ll think “ah yeah, there is elements from before”.
Sam: We won’t know until it’s done!
Tom: It just sounds like Nightmares at the moment. [laughs]

George: Since Hollow Crown was so well received, do you feel there’s a lot of pressure to put out something that’s on par with or better than that this time around?

Sam: Shit, yes.
Tom: It’s the only time I’ve ever felt pressure on an album. Because that one was actually good. Obviously, the other ones some people like, but that’s their fault.
Sam: I definitely feel a lot of pressure on this one. Me and Tom every day pretty much, have a chat, like “Do you think this record’s gonna be good?”
Tom: As I said, I really don’t want to get a job.
Sam: It’s going so well at the moment.
Tom: We don’t want it all to go away, it feels like we’ve got something to lose. Yeah, it is a bit scary, definitely!

George: How are you going to top it, if you know yet?
Tom: Try really hard.
Sam: Really, really hard! [laughs]
Tom: Whatever we do, someone will slag you off.
Sam: That’s the way it goes.
Tom: I just think of it like that, then I think “So it doesn’t matter” and just relax.

George: Sam, you guested on Bring Me The Horizon’s last album. (The Sadness Will Never End, from 2008’s Suicide Season) Is Oli (Sykes, BMTH vocalist) going to be doing the same for your new record?
Sam: I don’t know. I don’t think so, we haven’t spoken about it yet. There’s a couple of vocalists we’ve got in mind.
Tom: We’ve never had a guest vocalist before… Oh, we have, Nick!
Sam: Nick from Dead Swans, on the seven-inch. But that stuff’s really particular to me. Oli’s got a great voice, there’s a lot of singers.
Tom: We don’t wanna get someone, just because… Yeah.
Sam: It’s important, there’s so many good singers, if we are going to have one, it’s gotta be one that suits the song, if there’s a part that I hear that I will want to give to someone, then that will happen, but so far there’s nothing that’s really stepped out. There’s so many bits of songs that are so good, that you want to do them all, so giving them away to someone is quite important, but we’ll see. We’ll see how it goes.

George: You’ve got a bit of a rep for being a token pin-up frontman, does that still happen?

Sam: Pfft, I dunno!
Tom: Still getting chicks, still getting loads of chicks!
Sam: I’ve honestly never heard anyone say that before…
Tom: We’ve got a pin-up bassist! We’ve heard that before.
Sam: I’ve never heard that before!

George: A lot of girls seem to like Architects, there’s a lot of girls at your shows…

Tom: We write our music for girls. [laughs]
George: …a lot of them don’t tend to be into other bands like you; any idea why this is, and who would you recommend who they might like, if they like you?
Tom: I used to always think about a lot of other bands that had lots of girls.
Sam: There are girls there, but compared to other bands, I don’t think we actually have it as bad, but I think other bands get it worse. I think it’s the fact that I sing quite a lot, and there’s melodic bits throughout the songs in the set, I think that maybe might have something to do with it.
Tom: What other bands would they like? Bands like us, well there’s JLS… They’re upcoming.
Sam: Girls Aloud, check them out.
Tom: They’re like us. I dunno what they should check out. That new Lower Than Atlantis album, check that out, It’s nothing like us, but dead good.

George: In the past year, you’ve headlined the Never Say Die! Tour, been to Australia with Parkway Drive, as well as playing Soundwave, and you did your own UK tour last year. Which was your favourite and why?
Sam: Soundwave. Soundwave in Australia is just the funnest tour we’ve ever done. It was so much fun, there were so many bands there that we’d never be able to tour with, it’d never happen in the world on like a three band bill. There’s so many great bands you’d think you’d never be able to see, let alone go out on tour with, and just be in the sun all the time, absolutely love it, it was so much fun, and they look after you so well over there. Really nice hotel rooms every night, catering was amazing, got fully looked after.
Tom: Just flew everywhere, no time spent in a van, it was too easy. It was just like a holiday!
Sam: We hung out with Gallows, You Me At Six, Rolo Tomassi every day, it was a lot of fun!

George: There’s quite a good flow of UK talent coming out of the south coast these days; you guys, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Bury Tomorrow are starting to creep out, and even the likes of Not Advised and Burn The Fleet. Is there something in the water there?
Sam: I think Brighton used to be a bit more buzzy a while ago, like The Ghost Of A Thousand, I love that band so much, their last record was incredible. But Brighton’s always had a lot coming up from it, hasn’t it?
Tom: Everyone’s in a band from Brighton!
Sam: So many shows going on every night, so many bands.
Tom: I’m surprised there isn’t more from up here.
Sam: It’s usually London, and a bit in Sheffield.
Tom: Who knows?

George: Are there any bands from Brighton you’d recommend people to check out?
[Sam and Tom pause for a long hard think…]
Sam: Brides.
[Another pause…]
Sam: Escape To Sea, check them out…that’s it, really!

George: What’s your favourite building? An architecture themed question…
Tom: I thought it might be! Seen some good ones, I’m sure.
Sam: CN Tower.
Tom: CN Tower, that’s the tallest one; is it the best though? It’s not always about size, is it?
Sam: It’s not, it’s not.
Tom: Sometimes it’s about other things, like how many windows it’s got. I dunno, CN Tower!
Sam: CN Tower, mainly because I can’t think of any other buildings right now.
Tom: It is good, one of the most exciting buildings I’ve ever been in.
Sam: Very, very, very high.

George: We were wondering if you’d like to be the first band to try this out; are any of you any good at art?
Sam: No.
George: Would you mind drawing your favourite building, being an architect?
Sam: If you have a pen, I will draw you a building!

[George hands over a pen and a piece of card…]

George: Do you both want to draw?
Tom: I’ll let Sam take the lead.
Sam: Shall I draw the CN Tower?
Tom: It looks like a bad penis! [laughs]

Sam draws a pretty questionable picture of the CN Tower.

Tom: This isn’t the CN Tower, is it? This is like a tree building!
Sam: It’s kind of a tree building.
Tom: What do I add to that?
Sam: Put some smaller buildings in, make it look more like a building.
Tom: Did you just say you weren’t good at drawing? Bullshit, you draw a mean window…a line. [laughs] They are the worst windows I’ve ever seen, jesus christ. Maybe add a few little clouds. That is just the worst.

Sam proceeds to write "This is shit" on the card, before holding it up for us to see.

Sam: I’ve smudged the buildings! This is fine art. It’s really quite shit, sorry.

George: What’s in store for Architects in the near future?
Tom: We’re going to Europe on tour with UnderOATH, then we’re going home for a little bit, we’re going off to America to play a few shows on the east coast, and then go and record our album in LA, and then come home and watch the World Cup! Important – that’s a highlight.

George: Who do you think are gonna win the World Cup?
Tom: Spain. After England of course, that’s unless we get knocked out by some freak incident, and then we’re going back to America again, I think! With a bit of Canada in there as well I think, who knows?

George: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
Tom: Lower Than Atlantis!
Sam: Lower Than Atlantis.
Tom: They’re from Watford and they’re smashing lads, and they’re about to release an album which is really fucking good. People should check them out!
Sam: Definitely.

George: What’s your favourite new record, recently?
Sam: AFI’s new record, Crash Love, is great.
Tom: I’ve no idea! I can’t think of anything new. I’ll tell you what I do like, everyone’s like “Ahh, you shouldn’t like that” …30 Seconds To Mars’ new album. I really like that album.

George: Is there anything you’d like to add?
Sam: Don’t anybody in the world ask me to draw anything!

Many thanks to Sam and Tom. Architects tour the UK in October, for full dates go to Stay tuned for how you can win the signed Architects architecture featured in this interview!


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  1. […] Brighton metalcore mob Architects were recently the first to take the Change The Record Challenge, we got frontman Sam Carter and guitarist Tom Searle to demonstrate their architectural skills by drawing their favourite building, the CN Tower in Toronto, as featured in our interview with them HERE. […]

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