Interview: Forever The Sickest Kids

Whilst in the middle of a massive nationwide trek with You Me At Six, George catches up with Texans Forever The Sickest Kids for a chat. He talks to singer Jonathan Cook and bassist Austin Bello about their new EP range, what possessive fans do to offer themselves to them, and apparently owning Manchester United. Apparently.

George: How’s tour been so far? It seems a lot of people have turned up just to see you guys!
Jonathan: Yeah, it’s kinda surprising, it’s only our third time over here, and this is a huge step from the last clubs we played, the last ones were like, eight-hundred to a thousand max, I think London was the biggest last time, and this is like three thousand to six thousand, it’s like, crazy the amount of kids that have come out, the response has been overwhelming, to see how we’ve grown over here and how much people enjoy our music this far away from home.

George: You’ve never played Newcastle before, what can you offer to fans here that might not of heard of you before?
Austin: Our live show is definitely something to see, I would think. It’s very high energy, a lot of jumping, a lot of screaming, a lot of moshing, a lot of dancing, a lot of whatever you want.
Jonathan: Mhm, if you’re not paying attention, you’re missing out, so I think we keep their attention the whole time.
Austin: You may get stepped on if you’re not paying attention.
Jonathan: Yeah, you may get an elbow to the donkey jaw! [laughs] The donkey jaw is the side of your face.

George: Do you ever get weirded out by how creepy and possessive some of your fans can get?

Austin: The moms, yeah! There’s some creepy, possessive moms out there, that try to take you home.
Jonathan: I had a mom buy me salt and vinegar chips, and she said “Since I bought you those, you’ve gotta get in the car and come home with me”.
Austin: In the States, if you buy anyone salt and vinegar chips, it’s a turn-on.
Jonathan: It means you’re trying to pick ’em up!

George: A few months ago, you released the Weekend: Friday EP. A lot of reviews I’ve read haven’t really taken to it all that well, are you guys still happy with it?
Austin: We love it. We’re releasing the single in the States, She Likes, here in a few weeks.
Jonathan: Yeah, it comes out here in April, first week of April I think, I think it comes out in two and a half weeks, so we’re really excited. There’s a video for it that we shot last week which is hysterical, and we can’t wait for people to see it!

George: When can we expect Saturday and Sunday to be released?
Austin: We plan on going to record it once we get home, to do Saturday. We have Saturday written, but not recorded yet.
Jonathan: I think Saturday probably comes out this year, sometime.

George: Are they going to sound different to Friday?

Austin: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are all going to be different. So that’s just, we write song-for-song basis, not style basis.
Jonathan: We’re very versatile, we can write any style, so I think Saturday and Sunday are gonna come out sounding different.

George: What’s your favourite part of the weekend?
Austin: Recovery, Sunday! Party, Friday. Saturday, clubbing!
Jonathan: Climax.

George: Are you going to mature with your music as you get older, or will the girl-esque lyrics still remain in time?

Jonathan: We’ll probably get immature the older we get! [laughs]
Austin: I don’t think we’re planning on what we’re gonna write in the future, you just write whatever’s on your mind at the time.
Jonathan: It could change tomorrow, everyday situation. We write about realistic situations, things that we can relate to, that way, kids can relate to what we’re talking about, and tell we’re not faking it out there.

George: What’s the most ridiculous rumour you’ve ever heard about yourselves?
Jonathan: Shoot…
Austin: Jonathan had six kids!
Jonathan: Yeah! [laughs]
Austin: That was weird. But it wasn’t true.
Jonathan: I heard that our band owned part of Manchester United soccer team. That was going round in the States, and I’d like to clear that rumour up, we don’t. We’d love to, sounds cool, but it’s just a rumour, it’s not true.

George: What are you up to for your summer? You’re playing Bamboozle, correct?
Austin: Bamboozle Roadshow, yeah.
Jonathan: That goes all the way, I think it’s four weeks long so that goes from spring into summer, and then summertime we have something in the works but it’s not finalised yet, so look for those details pretty soon.

George: Can we expect you back in the UK any time soon?
Jonathan: We try to come over once a year, hopefully that can continue to happen, you know there’s a lot of countries developing large fanbases for us and we obviously can’t come to every country every year, but hopefully we can at least come over every year, so hopefully this time next year we’ll be back over.

George: Did any of you have bad illnesses as kids?
Austin: No, but Mark had the swine-flu!
Jonathan: I was actually born with my toes pointing in to each other, and for the first six weeks of my life, I had to wear shoes with a metal bar in-between them to straighten my feet out. I’m still a little pigeon-toed, but not as bad as I used to be.

George: What disease would you least like to get?

Austin: Ohhh, Aids. [laughs] That’s a really weird question!
Jonathan: That’s a bad one! Or that guy who had termites in his tree bark which was really his skin.
Austin: Tree man, you need to go look him up!
George: Is that the guy who’s got the kind of branches for arms?
Jonathan: Yeah! We wouldn’t wanna get that.

George: What’s the sickest thing any of you have ever done?
Austin: I dunno if we can tell that!
Jonathan: I remember what it is, but I don’t wanna say!
Austin: I saw Kyle throw up once.
Jonathan: Yeah.
Austin: That was gross. [laughs]

George: Who is the sickest out of the two of you currently?

Austin: Illness or coolest?
George: Both, coolest and illest!
Jonathan: I think Austin is coolest, I’d say neither of us are sick currently, we’re both 100%. I have a hangnail, so that’s 99%! [laughs]

George: What’s in store for Forever The Sickest Kids in the near future?

Austin: We’re going to Brazil this year, that’s an exciting thing.
Jonathan: Yeah we’re going to Brazil, and we’re also going to be touring with one of our favourite bands, Third Eye Blind, and Good Charlotte, and many many many many many more!

George: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
Austin: I like You Me At Six, but I’m pretty sure everyone here’s listening to them currently. Bands back in the States, Sing It Loud, Artist vs Poet, they’re kinda some new bands coming over.

George: Is there anything you’d like to add?
Jonathan: Four plus four!
Austin: Eight.
Jonathan: You got it in one! No, check out our new album, that comes out in just a couple of months, Friday, if you haven’t already imported it from the States. If you have, be sure to check out our next song, it’s called She Likes, it’s gonna be super exciting, and stay tuned for Pop Goes… Classic Rock, our cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train coming out in just a few days.
Austin: All of that!

George Cannings.

Many thanks to Austin and Jonathan. For more information on Forever The Sickest Kids, visit: The new EP, The Weekend:Friday is out now!


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