Review: A Hole Inside – Steps We Have To Follow

From a land most renowned as the home of such metal heavyweights as Opeth and At The Gates, and certainly not a hotbed of burgeoning post-hardcore talent, A Hole Inside boast influences including Saosin, Underoath and fellow countrymen In Flames. Debut EP Steps We Have To Follow, which refers to ‘a common interest to take their music to a higher level’, was released shortly before the young Swedes embarked on a 17 date tour, spanning 8 weeks.

The EP opens with a slowly-building riff, before the pace builds and singer Marcus Carlzon alternates between a soft singing tone and harsh screams. This is the general theme for the EP (and, in all fairness, more or less the whole genre). It’s all pretty standard ‘modern-post-hardcore-with-pop-influences’, save for one or two moments.

One of those moments is the final track When I Crawl, a surprisingly gentle number, featuring just Carlzon’s voice and an acoustic guitar. It is, in fact, preceded by another gentler track, which takes the pace and tone gradually down towards the conclusion of the record, finishing on what is slightly unexpected and yet rather effective way to end what is an EP of generally fast-paced, relentless and loud efforts.

The other, and undoubtedly the best thing featured on the EP, is second track Failed. Something that perhaps wouldn’t sound out of place on Machine Head’s Supercharger or KoRn’s eponymous Follow the Leader, Failed is a track reminiscent of that late 90s/early 00s nu-metal sound that you either love or hate. You can almost hear the sound of wallet chains and see the overly baggy jeans and spiky dyed hair as the opening riff gives way to the chorus. The only thing missing is some DJ scratches, maybe a little slap bass or a rap or two. It’s a track that will unwittingly rouse memories from the depths, for some this will be more than welcome and they will bask in the nostalgia, while others will deny that they ever owned a copy of Chocolate Starfish and quickly hide that red New Era cap.

Steps We Have To Follow is undeniably the sound of a band still finding their feet – while the musicians are obviously talented, it still sounds a little raw and ‘young’, but in the music industry, a little promise can go a long way and this Scandinavian four-piece have that.

Daisy Long.

Steps We Have To Follow is available now on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon MP3.


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