Live Review: Mika – O2 Academy, Newcastle, February 24th 2010

Sold out, with a strewn of children and lollipops given out upon entry, tonight sees Mika returning to Newcastle after a two year absence, bringing his pantomime along with him.

Swedish pop export Erik Hassle starts the night off as he delivers his mid-tempo and atmospheric synth tunes, while boasting some impressively powerful vocals chords, which, unfortunately, sound rather drowned out at times. Single Hurt provides to be a highlight, but it’s all quite samey and lacklustre compared to who’s following. However, at 21, there is more than enough time to tweak faults in order to achieve the same crossover success that fellow countrymen/women such as Robyn and Alphabeat have achieved over here; a promising act, overall.

As the curtain drops revealing an animated back drop of kitsch cartoons, making you feel like you’re on an acid trip throughout the entire show, out pops Mika unorthodoxly starting off with the gloomy yet stunning Rain.

Things perk up with the instant crowd pleaser Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), accompanied by an enormous inflatable, stiletto-wearing foot invading the stage, followed by other upbeat poppy favourites Billy Brown and chart-topping disco-pop anthem Love Today.

New single Blame It On The Girls and a whole host of other new tunes from his most recent record, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, including I See You, Blue Eyes and Good Gone Girl all get an airing tonight as he effortlessly belts out that flawless falsetto.

While crowd interaction is kept at a minimum, he does have some of his endearingly kooky moments, admitting to always “fucking up” his part on piano and informing those in attendance that he needs to blow his nose.

We Are Golden sees a golden shower of glitter disperse on the crowd as Mika whisks off stage, only to shortly return for a three-song encore of the eerily creepy yet quirky Toy Boy and, of course, the pop brilliance of Grace Kelly. The one-and-a-half-hour-long party comes to an end with Lollipop, going all out with confetti, streamers and balloons, as well as his ‘Big Girls’ and ‘Lollipop Girls’ dancing on stage wearing oversized voodoo masks.

Despite his commercial success and flat-out magical live performances, it’s absolutely astonishing how this man is not already playing arenas with even more flamboyant and theatrical production; it’s so easily imaginable and something that will become a reality, no doubt.

Faye Turnbull.


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  1. haha this post is just pure boss

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