Interview: Twenty Twenty

Their biggest headline show to date, Twenty Twenty take some time out to talk to George and Faye for quarter of an hour. (Those rockstars, eh?) They chat about their ever-changing name anecdote, why they’re not a manufactured pop band, and Sonny’s undying love for Peter Andre. Ahem…

George: Can you say your names, and what you do in the band?
Sam: I’m Sam, I play guitar and sing.
Jack: I’m Jack, I play bass and do a bit of shouting down the mic.
Sonny: I’m Sonny, I play drums and backing vocals.

George: How’s the tour been so far?
Sam: Yeah, it’s been good, really really good!
Jack: It’s been surprising with the turnouts considering it’s only the second headline tour we’ve ever done.
Sam: So yeah, really really good!

Faye: Are you chuffed the Newcastle show’s been upgraded?
Sam: Yes! We can’t believe it, it’s like someone’s pulling our legs. We’re pretty stunned, we’re gonna go out there, and there’s like a few hundred kids there. It’s ridiculous!
Jack: In a good way! [laughs]
Sam: We’re happy about it, when someone tells you you’ve sold five or six hundred tickets, you can’t believe it, it’s cool.
Jack: Yeah, it’s really cool!

George: Can you tell us a bit about the bands playing with you on tour?
Sam: Basically, we’ve got two main touring bands with us, the main support on this tour is a band called The New Cities from Canada, and they’re on the same management as Simple Plan, so they’re very pop rocky, synth-y, really cool guys, they’re really big over there and they want to break out into the UK scene, so we took them under our wing and showed them the Twenty Twenty life on tour, and Jody Has A Hitlist, from Ireland…
Sonny: Who are awesome.
Sam: They’re really nice guys, we’ve never actually played with them, we only heard about them recently, but they’re wicked guys, they play great music, and we’re privileged, actually, to have really good supports. Tonight, we have a band called Impulse 11 playing, who are really good guys, we’ve known them for a few months now, haven’t we?
Jack: Yeah, I’ve heard about them for quite a while now, but it’s cool to finally meet the guys, and it’s cool to play a show with them as well.
Sam: Then we’ve got locals at each kind of venue, and about half the tour, there’s a band called The Broadcast.
Jack: There’s different bands all over the place really!

Faye: Can you tell us a bit of history about Twenty Twenty, because you haven’t been going long, have you?
Sam: No, we haven’t! [laughs] There’s not a lot of history.
Jack: Me and Sam are brothers, so we’ve been playing for a while, and we were interested in being in a band, and we formed one with our manager and he introduced us to Sonny to be our drummer, ’cause we were looking for a drummer, and next thing you know, Sonny’s in the band! We’ve been gigging for just under a year, and we met Sonny just over a year ago.
Sam: Our fourth ever tour! We’ve done quite a lot in quite a short amount of time, it’s been quite weird for us ’cause we’ve had to grow up quite quickly, if that makes any sense. We’ve done more high-profile shows in the last ten months that some bands might do in one or two years, so we’ve had to grow quite quickly. But yeah, it’s been really good fun!

George: Have you found any other bands have become fans of you? Like, bands you’re fans of?
Jack: Nah, I mean like, we were really big fans of Go:Audio, before we played with them, and it was quite cool to go on tour with them.
Sam: Actually, Josh, the keyboardist from Go:Audio asked us if he could co-write a song on our album, and which we play first song in the set tonight, and we’ve been in touch with him recently, and he really likes our new stuff, which is like Jack said, we were listening to Go:Audio years before we went on tour with them, so it’s a highlight to have Josh to collaborate on the song and get really into it, so it’s quite cool actually.

Faye: How do you feel about the recent break-ups of Go:Audio and bands like that? It seems that bands in your genre never seem to last longer than one album.
[The band collectively groan with an “I know”]
Sam: It’s scary, it’s just really sad, ’cause bands like that who we liked, well, we still do like, we still listen to Go:Audio, break up, and it’s just kind of sad because we were really into them and we knew bands like that had such a good time with each other, and it must be the hardest thing in the world to kind of call it a day really, but we’re trying to work as hard as we can to make sure we do as much as we can.

George: So, with Saving Aimee and Go:Audio breaking up recently, do you feel you’re the band to take their place now?
Sam: [laughs] I dunno, I mean naturally, because we’re the same music faced, and we had sort of the same fans, it would work that way, but I mean, obviously we are going to appeal to people that were into those bands, but I dunno whether you can take their place, because Go:Audio and Saving Aimee were quite big bands, they did really well. We’ve still got to fill our shoes with a bit more stuff yet before we can start claiming spaces.

George: On your MySpace, the story of how you got your name changes from time to time…
Sam: Yes, it does! [laughs]
George: What’s the real story behind it?
Sam: What’s up there at the moment?
Faye: It doesn’t make sense! [laughs]
George: You looked at the clock and it was twenty to eight, so for the sake of 2×20, the name’s Twenty Twenty.

Jack: Oh yeah, it changed again didn’t it?
Sam: I think Gary just makes up stuff just to amuse people! [laughs]
Sonny: It was actually twenty to eight.
Sam: Yeah, it was twenty to eight on the clock…
Jack: We went down to the pub to have drinks, we spent about a month thinking of names.
Sonny: It was longer than that, it was like three months.
Jack: Yeah, it was fucking ages, and we were just like, “Look, we need a name to start doing stuff.” so we thought of a temporary name when we were in the pub, looking at the clock, twenty to eight, and we said that’d do for now, we’ll just use that name, but eventually we had to make a MySpace and merch, we had to then go, “Do we like Twenty Twenty?” right, we’re sticking with Twenty Twenty, and we’re pleased we did!
Sam: It was funny, we started recording various EP’s, and the Forever EP, we recorded that first, and we were like “Yeah, this is great”, so the name just kinda stuck; it’s easy to remember, and everyone can pronounce it, so it’s all good.

George: What do you have to say to people who think you’re no more than just a manufactured pop band?
Sam: Trust me, there are a lot more bigger, heavier rock bands that are more manufactured than we are, I mean me and Jack are brothers, so there’s a sense of some manufacturing going on.
Jack: I mean the way the band has been progressing and stuff, it definitely comes across that way. Like, it’s all been done for us, but we’re just an unsigned band, we’ve just put everything we do on hold, and we’ve just been working, working, working.
Sam: We’ve had like, no labels behind us, we chose to start the band, we wrote the songs, there’s no manufactured in it, it’s not like Simon Cowell came up and was like, “You’ve got fringes and a lipring, do you wanna play guitar?”
Jack: We are not manufactured.
Sam: We do take it as a compliment, if we’re manufactured, it must mean we’re doing something right, or half decent, so thank you, anyone who thinks we’re manufactured.

Faye: In your top friends on MySpace, you’ve got the likes of Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato in, why so? Because I’ve seen in previous interviews with you saying  your favourite bands are like, The Used, Lostprophets, and such.
Jack: That’s the thing, we have a really broad range of taste, in music. I think that’s what really helps out the songs, right from pop all the way up to… [imitates metal growls]
Sam: The thing is though, like, honestly, my favourite band is…I ‘ve got my iPod somewhere, I’ve got everything from Busted to Taking Back Sunday, and that’s not a lie, I’ve got Busted on my iPod, and I’ve got Taking Back Sunday, and I know all the words to both of those artists, I’ve got every single album. I think that the best bands in the world have such broad tastes, I know certain people in certain bands, who you might not believe have written for some of the biggest pop acts in the world, so behind the scenes, all the heavy rock bands, they like it too, and you’re right, we love like, Lostprophets, The Used, and we love like, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus as well!
Jack: It’s popular music, so we like it.

George: Are there any bands you’re fans of that people would be quite surprised at?
Faye: Like, any heavy bands?

Jack: I love Enter Shikari. All three of us love them, because they’re so alternative. They are definitely up there.
Sam: I was and still am a massive fan of old-school Blackout stuff, like when they were a bit more screamo.
George: The Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout! EP?
Sam: Yes! Yeah, with Fashion Concious Suicide, that’s a great song. I grew up being a bit of a screamo kid, so I love stuff like that, that’s cool.

Faye: What kind of band do you aspire to be? Who do you look up to and say “I would like to be like that?”
Jack: I would like to be like U2.
Sam: U2? No!
Jack: Well no, ’cause they’re big, I don’t think we’re quite the same as U2! At the moment, I love, love, love, love, as a band, I love their music, I love the way they look, I love Boys Like Girls. I just think they’re a great band, they write some of the catchiest stuff ever, and stuff like Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, so there’s a little bit of a thing not many people know.
Sam: All Time Low, as well!
Jack: All Time Low, and even bands like McFly, they’ve done really good! They’ve done really well, so to be like them would be a dream, really.

George: You’ve got an album due out sometime soon, can you tell us a little bit about it?
Sam: It’s a collection of brand new material we’ve written and recorded over the past few months, featuring people like Josh from Go:Audio, he co-wrote a song, Preston from The Ordinary Boys, did a lot of collaborating, it’s kinda fresh, but there’s a lot of pop-punk out there at the moment, and a lot of kinda similar music, we wanted to put in a little bit of everything, really and there’s a little bit of electro in there, a little bit of pop, little bit of rock.
Jack: And It’s awesome!
Sam: And it sounds really really good, we really like them, it’s quite bad saying it, but I do really really like those songs, and they’re really cool to play live, aren’t they?
Jack: Yeah, it’s really good fun to play.
Sam: In fact, you’ll hear it, you’ll hear a few songs off the album tonight, ’cause we’re playing a lot of the new stuff so you can judge whether you like it or not.

Faye: So, what else is in store for Twenty Twenty? You’ve got a tour in April?
Sam: Yeah and in June! We’re doing kind of like one bit of the country in April and another in June, and I think we’re hoping to do some festivals, we’re doing Evolution festival here, we’ve just been announced for it, so that’ll be wicked, but we’re hoping for festival slots, and hopefully, maybe some other bigger tours later on.

George: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
Jack: I’m a massive fan of the Nothing Personal album by All Time Low.
Sonny: Twenty Twenty.
Sam: Listen to Demi Lovato, because her music is so catchy, it’s untrue, and like, everyone hates hearing it, but they can’t deny how catchy it is. Her new album is wicked.
Sonny: Bryan Adams.
Sam: Sonny’s a big Peter Andre fan.
Sonny: I didn’t say Peter Andre.
Sam: [laughs]
Sonny: I really like Peter Andre as a guy, not in a gay way, but Bryan Adams is brilliant.
Jack: Listen to the bands on tour with us too, because they’re really cool.

Faye: Do you have anything to add?
Sam: We love Newcastle lots and lots, and lots, and lots and lots, and lots.
Jack: Newcastle rocks, I’m really excited. Very nervous!
Sonny: I’m drinking my vitamin water.
Sam: There are other flavours available. Listen to us, say hi to us.
Jack: We love you people. Lots.

George Cannings and Faye Turnbull.

Many thanks to Twenty Twenty, and for more information on the band, visit:


5 Responses to Interview: Twenty Twenty

  1. Ohh my god.. Im im love with TT anyway, but now i know they like Mcfly, Enter shikari, Demi and Miley i love them even more! x] xx

  2. DemiGraham (: says:

    ❤ OMFG twentytwenty are amazing (L) went to see there show in glasgow XD we hung out back with jack and sam afterwards (: we also went to there FIRST EVER acoustic gig in hmv and yeah it was amazing (L)

    sonnys my favorite always (L) ❤ (;

  3. faceface;D says:

    ok so they like busted + boys like girls! YAYYY!! but guys sort it out miley + demi suck.. Sorry but its true.. I love how jack+sam talk so much and sonny just throws in a few words sometimes. I met them, and they are so awesome! i didn’t meet sonny tho 😥 Can’t wait for the album and more shows 🙂 Come Back to bournemouth Guys 🙂
    I think its in order to have shows with Twenty twenty, boys like girls, future boy, allstar weekend and all time low, That would be one wicked show 😉

  4. Shannon Cavie says:

    Omg! I Have Only Recently Discovered Twenty Twenty And Im In Love With Them Already!<3 The Remind Me Of A Newer Version Of Busted!! :L And There All Soo Fit :L<3

  5. Shannon Cavie says:

    You Need To Performe In Eastbourne!! I Know A Few People Who Would Deffinatly Be In The Front Row!!<3 I Love Twenty Twenty.

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