Live Review: Jamie T – Northumbria University, Newcastle, January 28th 2010

From cancelling two months of touring across the UK and Europe late last year after suffering from a bout of laryngitis, tonight saw the long-awaited return of Jamie T to Northumbria Students Union in Newcastle once more.

With just two acts on the bill tonight opening the show was rapper and freestyler Chester P, his hip-hop beats and free-styling tell stories of growing up on the streets of London, mixed in with a lot of political propaganda, speeches and rants over various sampled tracks. Chester P didn’t receive a bad reaction from the crowd, but even he knew he was just the warm-up act for the night.

The sold out student’s union was almost bursting when the main act of the night Jamie T took to the stage. This 23-year-old singer-songwriter has built himself a massive fan base over the last two-and-a-bit years since the release of his debut album Panic Prevention.

Jamie takes to the stage, whisking the packed out crowd into a frenzy opening with his most recent single The Man’s Machine. Closely followed by 368, opener from his 2009 hit album Kings & Queens. After a frantic start to the set, Jamie takes a breather to apologise for being months late due cancelling the previous tour because of illness. He then goes on to tell the crowd “but I’m better now” before losing the guitar and kicking into classic tracks Pacemaker and So Lonely was a Ballad.

Following a manic start, Jamie slows the set down with acoustic-style tracks Alicia Quays, Northern Line and crowd pleaser Emily’s Heart. One of the great things about seeing Jamie T live is he has the ability to move from a amazing acoustic track into full-pelt tracks like If You Got The Money, Salvador and British Intelligence, managing to keep the crowd fully engaged throughout.Although, mid-way through British Intelligence, Jamie stops the band playing due to forgetting the words, going on to tell the crowd he was trying to remember if he had left the gas on at home, loosing his place in the song.

The main part of the set is brought to a close with new track The Dance of the Young Professionals from the Sticks & Stones EP and clearly a fan favourite from his first album Sheila. After a short time off stage, Jamie and his band appear back on stage for their encore and to finish the night off with Chaka Demus, and his biggest single to date, the track that made the hole venue go crazy Sticks & Stones.

This show may have been nearly 4-months later then originally scheduled, but everyone in attendance to night will probably agree that is was worth the wait.

Dan Hase.

For photos of the show, click HERE.


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