Review: Skies Alive – Say It Back (EP)

There seems to be new sugar-sweet pop-punk bands from the US sprouting up left, right and centre at the moment, and one of the newest comes in the form of Skies Alive.

Featuring Sing It Loud singer Pat Brown’s brother Matt on guitar duties, it might come naturally to see where the pure, catchy melodies in the trio of songs featured on their debut offering, Say It Back, come from.

Vocalist Andrew Poitras packs some really teeth-rotting chords, but it makes the songs so playful and charming, it can almost be disregarded.

There’s no clear cut favourite in the EP, but there’s nothing to dislike, either. It’s three mid-tempo, jolly, catchy songs; I-80 packs the introduction juices, I Don’t Deserve You provides a finale as epic sounding as a band like Skies Alive can bring to the table, and A Sucker Born Every Minute gives us the rock-outs that glues the two together.

It’s standard pop-punk at it’s best, but three tracks tend to be listened to too quickly, and perhaps overlooked. Nonetheless, it’s a firm, chirpy introduction to a band who look to be going in the right direction. Hello, there!

George Cannings.

The EP, Say It Back by Skies Alive, is available now on iTunes.


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