Live Review: Kittie – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, January 17th 2010

Metal girls Kittie take to the UK in support of new album In The Black, and stop off in Newcastle tonight – unfortunately, only a small percent of the room is filled at the most, but it doesn’t stop the four bands tonight from playing their hearts out and impressing immensely.

Essex metal outfit Forever Never opened in the same room for SOiL just a few months ago – tonight, they greet a slighter amount, but nonetheless make an imposing statement. (Once again backed by frontman Renny Carroll‘s cringe -worthy dance moves) Their melodic brand of metal doesn’t get much demand from the mosh pit, but it does sound awfully strong. Never Enough‘s melodic hooks are intriguing as much as impressing, but it’s unfortunately a case of “heard one, heard them all”, as their set falters in the variety department. Live, absolutely spot on, and the crowd think so, too.

Thrash/death/balls-out-metal hybrid Malefice suffer technical difficulties that restricts them to playing just four songs, but given each of these songs easily best five minutes apiece, and the sheer power and force they’re played with, their misfortunes can be overlooked. Their sound is barely containable for the size of the stage they’re precariously perched upon; opener The Midas Effect sounds punishing and loud, and the breakdowns flow equal to the riffs aplenty. The band played downstairs to over ten times the amount they’re playing to tonight, and it’s pretty clear from just a few listens, they belong there more than they belong up here.

It Dies Today take to the stage to a far more split up room; a giant gap in the middle of the floor separates punters at the bar, barrier, and back. Not that it stops them making an impact with their emotionally vocalled metalcore; only a couple of songs played from new album Lividity (including a fantastic This Ghost) is kind of a let down, but every song played tonight is played to precision, and the quintet’s punishing breakdowns being thrown here, there, and everywhere let the more arm-flailing contingent of the audience come out to play. It’s a real shame there’s no more than a handful really enjoying the band tonight, however; considering the amount of people who turn out to see bands trying to pull this kind of music off, or simply feeding off the “mosh factor” of the music, It Dies Today should have scored a pretty decent crowd. Alas, they didn’t, but it doesn’t stop them from pulling off a blinder of a set.

With the cluster of people now forcing themselves as far to the stage as possible, it’s a great reception that greets Kittie upon arrival. Bursting into new In The Black track My Plague, it shows off the edge and power the band have, and feeds it right back into the crowd. Frontwoman Morgan Lander has one hell of a set of chords on her; the ear-piercing shrieks that erupt on record sound magnified in person, and it really grabs attention and ultimately improves their live set.

The fast-paced and riffy Cut Throat sounds striking, and while there’s not much in the way of movement, the crowd seem to love it, lapping up every word of constant crowd engaging.

It’s disappointing to say the set somewhat falters in the middle, with a few tracks seeming to blend into each other, but that’s no fault of the band’s playing skills, which after over thirteen years have been honed to perfection.

That stint is quickly forgotten, however, with closer Forgive and Forget giving a big kick up the arse, and really ending on a bang. A fantastic show, and for anyone ever doubting the power of girls – these four kick ass, and they do it just as good as the boys.

George Cannings.

To read our interview with Kittie, click HERE.


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