Review: We Are The Ocean – Cutting Our Teeth

Fresh from a tour with The Used and their biggest headline run to date, and much pushing back, Essex mob We Are The Ocean look set to finally make their true stamp on the rock world, in the shape of debut record Cutting Our Teeth.

Bursting into life with the energetic yet melodic chunk of delight that is Look Alive, it gives what it boasts, and it certainly urges the listener to do just that. Vocal duo Dan Brown and Liam Cromby‘s chords have manned-up considerably since the release of their hugely successful self-titled EP two years ago, both sounding somewhat deeper – the latter maintaining his always-brilliant singing voice, whilst the former has evolved his high-pitched squeals into a far more accessible series of gruff yells and chants.

Much like their usual live set, the energy keeps up throughout the first segment of the record, Our Days Are Numbered provides an onslaught showcasing the heavier, faster side of the band, complete with some low-end rhythm, though it’s not without its accessible sing-a-long chorus’, which are fast becoming somewhat of a fixed staple in their wall.

A problem encountered in the record is that it doesn’t showcase too many of these fine, exhilarating moments – opting for the slower, more ambient side of the spectrum, it’s a hit-and-miss in places. Tracks like Confessions and (I’ll Grab You By The) Neck Of The Woods come across as slightly dreary, if anything. Not that it’s much of an off-put, brilliant new single These Days, I Have Nothing and the very Flood Of Red-esque Don’t Take Chances surely make up for it with massive doses of raw power and top-of-the-world hooks.

It’s a pity after such a wait that ten tracks is all it’s worth, especially when there’s a good segment of slightly questionable ones thrown in amongst, but when the band write a good song, they write a bloody great song. Such as a lot of similar records, the obvious singles stand well clear of the pack, and whilst the others are not to be denied their class, there’s a hand’s counts worth that you’ll be inclined to putting on your playlists.

It’s nice to see the band spreading out, maturing and refining their sound, and WATO have done that very well – but you can’t help but feel a little let down with a handful of tracks. Nonetheless, a strong effort from a band that has a lot of hype resting on their shoulders – it’s sure to take them on to bigger and better things, and gain a heap of new fans in the process.

George Cannings.

The album Cutting Our Teeth by We Are The Ocean is out through Hassle Records on Februrary 1st.


5 Responses to Review: We Are The Ocean – Cutting Our Teeth

  1. Jamie says:

    Must say it’s an extremely fair, and well wrote review. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jimmy says:

    I disagree, the simplicity of confessions and the use of Liams incredible vocal makes this the best track on the record.
    It is a great record, but the other tracks all blend into a mulsh of heavy anarchy, whereas there is a sincerity about confessions. I think for you to dismiss it as ‘dreary’ is a lazy comment, and shows you are only looking for one thing…..the same thing EVERYONE else is doing.
    Where WATO are better than most of these ‘screaming/singing’ bands is in the voice of Liam. Alexisonfire are in a similar position with the voice of Dallas.
    I just hope that comments like these don’t mean that we start to hear less of Liam’s melodies and more of the same old, same old.

  3. George @ CTR says:

    ironically, Confessions has grown on me, it’s possibly one of my favourites now, who knew? haha.

  4. Jimmy says:

    haha, that’s the spirit George!!! I knew you’d come around 😉

    Overall a great first album from the boys. The only sad part was that their most known track ‘Ready For The Fall’ didn’t make it =(

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