Live Review: Set Your Goals – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, December 12th 2009

While it’s freezing cold outside, this show is going to be anything but, as Set Your Goals, along with Broadway Calls and Fireworks, roll their vans into Glasgow, for what’s guaranteed to be one hell of a hot and sweaty night inside the sold-out King Tut’s.

Michigan’s Fireworks begin the night with their (literally) explosive pop-punk as guitarist Chris Mojan manages to blow a fuse in the amp head, during opener Geography, Vonnegut and Me, nearly causing an abrupt ending to the show. However, after lots of stressing out, all is finally resolved and the band continue on as normal as they belt out tune-after-tune during their 25-minute set. Although, this is the quintet’s first time over in the UK, it is clear that they have made a pretty big name for themselves, as a good few gather down at the front singing along to their catchy choruses and melodies. Detroit with its anthemic ‘wooaahh’s and oldie From Mountain Movers, To Lazy Losers prove to be highlights as they, no doubt, live up to the hype.

Next up sees stripped-down punk rockers Broadway Calls take to the stage. Unlike their predecessors, this band are no strangers to these shores having been over four times this year. However, they sadly don’t get the same reaction, which is fairly disheartening, not only because they are one of the most hard-working bands today, but if this band is made for anything, it’s for singing along, with their incredibly accessible and catchy punk rock tunes. This doesn’t phase the Oregon trio though, as they play a storming 11-song set with undeniable heart. Delivering a good mix of old, such as Call It Off, and new, with the likes of Basement Royalty and Wake Up Call. Frontman Ty Vaughn dedicates Save Our Ship to tour buddies Fireworks touchingly claiming, “Despite their van breaking down, they always have smiles on their faces and always bring smiles to ours.”, just before the fantastic To The Sheets, with the epic lines of, “I’m just a kid with a song in my head, with your face in my heart, what could be better than this?” perfectly ending their set.

Having not been to Glasgow in 13-months and with a new album under their belt, people are clearly gagging for tonight’s headliners, Set Your Goals, as they squeeze to the front, and they are not disappointed, as the band kick things off with Summer Jam, followed by other newbies The Fallen… and Look Closer all met with raucous responses, with the whole room singing word-for-word.

The thunderous Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man), easily the heaviest SYG song, is also played with fill-in guitarist Justin K (yes, of Summer Jam fame) taking the part of Jon Gula of Turmoil, while Fireworks frontman David Mackinder is Vinnie Carauna for the night during This Will Be The Death Of Us.

However, the set doesn’t by any means completely omit the old, as Goonies Never Say Die from their 2006 Reset EP even gets an airing, along with set staples such as Work In Progress and This Song Is Definitely Not About A Girl providing mammoth sing-a-longs.

It’s been said that Set Your Goals are very hit and miss life, but, tonight, they are on top form, with vocals notably improved and immensely tight musicianship, and while tonight isn’t ‘Mandatory Stage Dive Day’, unlike the night before in Leeds, due to a barrier, the non-stop and rampant energy is still there as the perspiring 300-capacity crowd will wholeheartedly agree with the fist-pumping favourite Mutiny! closing the set. A sterling performance

Faye Turnbull.

Stay tuned for interviews with Set Your Goals and Fireworks coming soon!


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