Live Review: The Luchagors – Trillians, Newcastle, November 9th 2009

The+LuchagorsHaving only visited four months ago in July, it seems like yesterday that The Luchagors, fronted by Amy Dumas (otherwise known as former wrestling diva Lita), hit up Trillians in Newcastle, but, today, they’re back, as part of their third UK tour within the past 14-months.

In a set that seems to last a lifetime, Glasgow’s The Terror‘s start the night off with their samey three-chord punk rock. While an improvement from their last visit to Newcastle in July (again, supporting The Luchagors), it’s still pretty uninspiring stuff, with grating and yappy lead female vocals, which literally sound like, “Blah, blah, blah” in every song. Next.

Unfortunately, things don’t pick up with locals Ego Zombies – in what seems to be the running theme of tonight, female-fronted punk rock. From the off, it’s nothing but a shambles as their front woman boasts the stage presence of a cabbage – awkwardly standing still and scratching her head throughout, while flaunting love handles in clothes two sizes too small for her. The rest of the band aren’t much better, with three guys in their mid-40s playing woodenly with little-to-no charisma. Receiving nothing more than cheers and claps of pity, it’s more than what they deserve.

As mentioned, this is the third time The Luchagors have played this particular venue, and it’s clear that the gimmick of ‘Lita from WWE’s band’ has worn off. While still pretty packed, there are less people than their previous two visits and, most notably, a lot less fangirls/boys (or ‘marks’ if we’re using the correct wrestling lingo) wanting Lita merchandise signed, it’s a legit punk rock crowd tonight – well, apart from the odd skeeze ogling down at the front…

The band storm through their set with punk rock anthems such as the Bastard and March of The Luchagors from their 2007 self-tiled. New song Time Out from their forthcoming release is performed and sounds very promising.

While their music isn’t ground-breaking by any means, frontwoman Amy Dumas‘ stage presence is second-to-none, one minute she’s lying on the stage, the next she’s darting through the crowd, engaging the crowd with her spontaneity. Newly acquired drummer Racci Shay Hart also shines with his immaculate drumming and appears to fit right at home.

The confident on-stage banter between Amy and guitarist Shane Morton is amusing, if not a bit questionable at times, as they discuss why Halloween isn’t as popular in the UK when you can wear masks, meaning “you can rape all you want.”

The night ends with crowd favourite and the ever-so catchy White Boy, an ode to skinheads,  gartering the first proper sing-a-long of the night and even sparking a mosh.

Surprisingly, the past two times The Luchagors have come to Newcastle, they’ve put on an impressive set, and this evening is no different. There’s no cheese here as you might expect, it’s no-frills punk rock played by four people with a genuine love for the genre and it shows in their performance; here’s to many more trips to Newcastle.

Faye Turnbull.

Check out our interview with The Luchagors from their July tour HERE.


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