Live Review: Alphabeat – O2 Academy 2, Newcasle, October 27th 2009

AlphabeatIt’s been a relatively quiet year for Alphabeat while they’ve been busy writing and recording their new album, but the Danish popsters are back in full stride, as they roll into Newcastle on the second night of their mini UK tour to promote their new single The Spell.

Following a rather tiresome wait of an hour-and-a-half, the first and only support act of the night comes in the form of  Ou Est Le Swimming Pool as they burst into their unique brand of energising electro pop. While the two guys on vocals look like they should be Butlins holiday reps, songs such as Jackson’s Last Stand and The Key prove to be a hit, as their infectious synth beats and vibrant vocals get bodies boogying across the floor of the Academy 2; an impressive performance.

It may be a dreary night outside, but inside it’s all smiles, as tonight’s headliners Alphabeat take to the stage – wearing matching white outfits – as they unleash their colourful and cheery set of feel-good pop. Female vocalist Stine Bramsen, who, in contrast, is dressed in a glitzy black number, greets the Newcastle crowd with, “It’s nice to see you!” and, no doubt, the feeling is mutual, as the band is met with a succession of chants.

A 14-song set, mostly filled with tunes from their debut album This Is Alphabeat – full of quirky energy, funky base and sickenly sweet synth, along with the studio-perfect and interchanging boy/girl vocals of Anders SG and Stine, and we even see Anders SG dabble in some astonishingly overzealous bongo and tambourine bashing.

New single The Spell is performed early on and garters one of the most enthusiastic responses of the night. What Is Happening also proves to be popular, generating a mass sing-a-long and hundreds of hands waving simultaneously. Other hits such as 10,000 Nights and Stine’s “favourite”, the disco-y Boyfriend, as well as their cover of Ain’t Nobody, get the Academy 2 floor bouncing –  literally,  and it’s evident that the band are just as thrilled as its audience with their permanent grins.

As Alphabeat leave the stage, they shortly re-emerge to perform forthcoming single DJ and, of course, the smash Fascination. The extended intro, with the crowd repeating, ‘The word is on your lips – say the word’, for almost a minute, perfectly builds the song up before exploding into a full-on frenzy.

Following tonight’s performance, it’s clear that Alphabeat are back on track and most definitely deserve to be playing to more than 400; a truly poptastic evening.

Faye Turnbull.

To read our interview with Alphabeat, click HERE.


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