Interview: Suicide Silence

Suicide+SilenceAs part of a mammoth bill that includes the likes of DevilDriver and Behemoth, as well as UK upcomers Trigger The Bloodshed and Malefice, Suicide Silence are snaking their way around the UK, and George catches up with frontman Mitch Lucker for a chin-wag. They talk tattoos, the band’s game plan for after new album No Time To Bleed, and Mitch has a few choice words for his haters…

George: Can you say your name and what you do in the band?
Mitch: My name’s Mitch, and I sing in Suicide Silence.

George: How are you enjoying tour so far?
Mitch: It’s been amazing, every show’s been sold out, and just fucking crazy, very fucking crazy.

George: What do you make of the UK talent on the tour?
Mitch: Trigger The Bloodshed’s fucking amazing, and so is Malefice, both bands are really good, different, 100%, different. They’re just good dudes, and when you’re on tour, with a bunch of bands, no matter if they suck or if they’re good, if they’re good dudes, it makes them an even better band, so just them being polite, them being cool with us and stuff, they’re both talented bands, both cool dudes, that’s all I have to say.


George: How have people reacted to you on the tour?
Mitch: It’s been really good! We’ve been pulling a lot of our own fans, so it’s like just a ton of Suicide fans going nuts, y’know? It’s been cool and no complaints, it’s been really fun!

George: You’ve toured in the UK before with Behemoth, is it good to be back out with them, as well?

Mitch: It’s cool, it’s really cool, I mean those guys are all out of their fucking minds, so being back on tour with them is fucking amazing, they’re really cool, it’s definitely a huge step up from the first time we came over to the UK with Behemoth, we’ve went from playing tiny little clubs of like 200-300 kids, to playing like 500, 600, 700, 800 kids a night, it’s just a big jump, so it’s really cool, we’re stoked.

George: What’s Suicide Silence been up to this summer?
Mitch: This past summer, we were in the States, we were on tour with Mudvayne, Black Label Society, Static-X, and a few others, and it’s all we did for our summer, it was really cool, we got to play arenas every night, played some amphitheatres which is cool because, just the amount of production we were able to do, like full on lights everyday, just full on production, making Suicide Silence not only be like a cool show, but like putting a movie to the music, it was cool, it was really good every day!

George: You played Download for the first time this year…
Mitch: Yes!
George: How was that?
Mitch: Immense! It was so good, there was so many people at one point in time watching us, it was just like “Woah fuck, this is crazy” and it was the middle of the day y’know, and it was definitely one of the coolest festivals we’ve ever been over to play.

George: You’ve just released No Time To Bleed, are you pleased with its reaction it’s got so far?

Mitch: Very much so! What we wanted to do is basically just beat The Cleansing, all we wanted to do was do a record twice as better as The Cleansing, cause the record’s twice as better as The Cleansing was, so once we got all the numbers in and stuff it was like “Holy fuck, wow, we can’t believe we’re selling this much records!” and we’re really happy with ourselves!

George: What does No Time To Bleed mean?

Mitch: No Time To Bleed, basically for all the people that fall, fall down, let me give you an example, you fall down and scrape your knee and you’re like “Aw, dang” like what am I gonna do? There’s far worse shit going on in the world, like there’s people’s children being kidnapped and being killed in front of them, there’s way worse shit going on than their little bullshit worries, so if you have a loved one die, if you’ve got some little problem in your life and it’s causing you to fucking just, basically stop moving forward in your life, get the fuck over it, there’s way worse shit going on in this world, and there’s no time to sit there and cry over a fucking scraped knee, get up, keep moving forward, y’know?

George: Is it the work you’re most proud of to date?

Mitch: Definitely. Lyrically, and just musically, it’s just like, it was a huge step for what we were able to do, and we’re just really proud of what we’re doing. For our third record, we’re just gonna try to outdo No Time To Bleed. We were always gonna try and outdo ourselves, and make a better record every time.

George: What’s your favourite song off it (No Time To Bleed) and why?

Mitch: My favourite song, I have a few favourite songs on the record, but one of them’s definitely …And Then She Bled, because I don’t sing on that song, and if you ever have a tape recorder and you listen to yourself back how you sound, you never like the way your own voice sounds, so that song’s cool because it’s a part of Suicide Silence that we were actually able to express on this record, first time we’ve ever done anything instrumental, first time we’ve ever done anything eerie and creepy, so I really like that song, and I really like Disengage and Genocide also, those are two of my other favourites.

George: Are you familiar with a band from the UK called Bring Me The Horizon?

Mitch: Yeah!
George: They get a load of shit over here for being the “in thing”, they get called a scene band…

Mitch: Well, basically, whenever you’re doing something really right, or you’re doing something awesome, you’re gonna have haters, you’re gonna have people that are jealous because of your popularity, your fame, and it’s basically like people that diss on bands like us and Bring Me The Horizon, they’re just jealous bitches, that’s all. I mean, keep hating on us, because the more haters we have, the better, so a big fuck you to all the haters, suck my dick, eat my ass, I don’t give a fuck.

George: You guys seem to get a bit of comparison to them…

Mitch: I dunno why, because our music’s completely fucking different!
George: They see the frontman, with all the tattoos, and the nice hair, and just make that comparison, really.

Mitch: They’re just jealous ’cause we’re probably fucking their girlfriends! [laughs]

George: Well apparently, you like tattoos…
[Mitch is covered with ink on pretty much every area of his visible body, save for his face]
Mitch: Just a little bit, yeah! [laughs]
George: …What’s your latest one?
Mitch: My latest is I’m getting my stomach worked on. I have this huge owl on my stomach, it’s gonna take me a while to get finished, and when I’m home, we’re only home for a little bit of time, I get a little bit more done each time. Right now, it’s just all black and grey.

[Mitch lifts up his t-shirt (wheyo) to reveal a massive owl (rather like DevilDriver’s Pray For Villians album cover owl, ironically) stretching across his entire stomach]

George: Are there any plans to come back to the UK in the near future?

Mitch: We wanna come back and headline. That way we can do like, a full set ’cause tonight, we’re only gonna play for half-an-hour, we’re not able to use our backdrop, we’re not able to use our screens, we have no soundcheck, it’s just like, it’s kinda bullshit. All of our fans that are paying all the money to come and see us, it’s not really fair to them, we feel bad, so we wanna come back next time and just do a really fucking sick-ass headliner, where it’s like Suicide fans can come and see a Suicide Silence show. So, definitely, our plans for our next UK and European run is to be a headliner.

George: Any particular months planned?
Mitch: Probably in the new year, 2010 sometime. I don’t know exactly when, but it’s already been talked about, so we’re looking forward to it.

George: What’s in store for Suicide Silence in the near future? I hear you’re off to Europe with Caliban and Emmure…

Mitch: Yeah, that’s right after, in two days we fly to Amsterdam, it’s Caliban, us, Maroon, Emmure, and After The Burial, and we go straight from that to Canada with Slayer, Megadeth and Machine Head, and we go straight from that to America with Megadeth and Machine Head, then we get a little bit of time off for Christmas, and then we’re gonna write the new record, in like February, just up in the mountains. Seclude ourselves, write the new record. Then we’re gonna do our headliner in America, then probably do a headliner over here for the No Time To Bleed headliner run, we’ll do the US first, then come overseas and do it, just do the No Time To Bleed headliner, then after that, probably record the new record and start all over! [laughs]

George: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
Mitch: There’s a lot of good bands, but nowdays, fuck man, you can’t go wrong with listening to Meshuggah. Meshuggah’s always good! That’ll be just the one I say, just leave it at Meshuggah. [laughs]
George: I remember a while ago you said that people should check out the “I” EP…
Mitch: I“‘s a good one, that’s awesome! The newest, obZen‘s one of the best records ever, ever, ever. It’s so fucking sick, one of my favourites!

George: Is there anything you’d like to add?
Mitch: Come see us play! If not today, then as soon as they see this interview, get interested in the music, come and see us play, we put on a great show for you, we never let people down!

No Time To Bleed is available everywhere now.


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