Review: Flood Of Red – Leaving Everything Behind

Flood Of Red - Leaving Everything BehindScottish sextet Flood Of Red have blossomed in recent times, and the culmination of this transformation comes bundled in the form of debut record Leaving Everything Behind. The screamo/post-hardcore tastes that put them on the map in the first place have been ditched, and in their place emerges some really soulful, beautiful tunes.
The Edge Of The World ushers in a soothing melody of an intro, frontman Jordan Spiers shows how far he can stretch the nicer side of his vocal chords, albeit with a heavily accented tongue that seems to have come out a lot more since switching from less harsh singing tactics. The Harmony boasts great guitar work, and while it’s not very upbeat, it oozes singalong and energy. Everything sounds just that little bit more together than any of the bands older material, it sounds more like a perfectly crafted machine than just men playing instruments.

There’s a note everyone should be able to pick up on – the whole album sounds like it’s been recorded in an empty arena; it gives off a distinct echo, a double-edged sword; on one hand, the songs sound bigger and more epic than possibly imagined, on the other, maybe it’s the production quality. Either way, this record’s tracks more than make up for that. There’s hints of really poppy and catchy material hidden amongst the edginess and loudness, the chorus of single A Place Before The End just begs to be jumped to, and Like Elephants does the exact opposite, it’s like a dazy dream, something to listen to and feel in awe of, even if it’s maybe a bit too long, clocking in at just under 5-minutes.

The real standout track on this already fantastic record is the phenomenal Paper Lungs. The energetic emergency and power behind this track is incredible, and it’s one of the best songs of the year, let alone the album; the ‘oh’s and emotional vocals work prerfectly in sync, and the fact the band have this up for a free download from their website feels like robbery of such a fine track.

The record is obviously a hell of a lot of hard work made by a band trying something completely different, and it pays off greatly. While older fans might not enjoy, this is guaranteed to win new ones double turnover. A new direction for the band can only benefit, as their album states, they are Leaving Everything Behind, and it couldn’t look better for Flood Of Red; this is a cracking start to a new direction.

George Cannings.

Flood Of Red are currently touring the UK, and their debut album Leaving Everything Behind is out now for just $1, check for details.

One Response to Review: Flood Of Red – Leaving Everything Behind

  1. PoetryOnTheGallows says:

    these guys remind me a lot of jamies elsewhere and saosin. They’ll catch on in America quick, i love them already.

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