Review: Cars On Fire – Dig Your Own Grave

Cars on Fire EP CoverBristol’s Cars On Fire offer to the world a big firm hello, in the form of mini-album, Dig Your Own Grave. Offering a snotty outlook on punk in places, it’s just as much akin to The Ghost Of A Thousand as it is Flood Of Red, mixing a great combination of melody and brute force. Sharks combining the two and making them flow like a new piece of artwork; a particular standout track, and the band’s initial sound could and should appeal to fans of both sides of the light-to-heavy spectrum.

Frontman Ali Ross‘s harsh tones are unforgiving, while his singing is soulful and full of life and energy. Energy being the keyword, throughout the record; each track is packed with punch, power, but not-so much that a listener could get bored quickly, there’s some great hooks hidden amongst the noise.

While it’s easy to forget which song is which, (they all have a slight habit of merging into one, maybe hinting at the album sounding samey in places) each song individually is brimming with the sound of emergency; edge of your seat stuff, especially from the upbeat and gritty Work House, which rips at the ears with ear-splitting yelps and barks, before soothing with a very catchy, poppy chorus; the whole record seems to have built itself around this formula, and it most definitely sounds like a winner.

Cars On Fire give out the sound of their namesake; they do have that much energy bundled up in a great bright spark, and from the fruits of their labour comes a very promising debut indeed.

George Cannings.

The album Dig Your Own Grave is released 12th October through Undergroove Records.

Catch the band on tour in and around October and November, including dates with Breed 77, for more information, go to:


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