Review: This City – We Were Like Sharks

This CityThis City are a band with a very distinguishable sound. Appealing to fans of indie, punk, post-hardcore and good old rock, the band seem to somehow incorporate a bit of all of this into one record quite comfortably in debut full-length We Were Like Sharks.

Opener We Move boasts such a quirky and catchy chorus, it sticks in your head almost instantly, despite those who might find frontman Chris’s very accent-orientated vocal talents grinding on them ever so slightly after just a verse or two. For those who can get over it, or enjoy it full on, they’ll find a collection of absolute gems buried in amongst this debut record.

Each track is packed with such energy, and it’s quite an easy mistake to make to assume the quintet have been there and done it on many a record before, but it’s the youthful charm of the album that makes it sound as good as it does. The spoken-sung hybrid captured on tracks like Black and Blue and the instantly catchy Romantic scream radio play, while giving it something different, away from the norm. Away on the other side of the spectrum, even the slower, more melodic songs like the sunny day-esque Colour still boasts a massive chorus and a jumpy rhythm, and takes the listener by the ears to tell them if they’re to sit down and relax, it’s not an option.

It’s got turbluence, and it’s only a pity when you realise after ten short songs and little over thirty minutes, it’s over; no song braving to pass the four-minute mark. On the plus side, this will defnitely leave the band’s listeners craving for an extra nugget of brilliant tunes; these tracks have the power to hook a shark with a fishing rod, and they could soon become your new favourite band to hum along to. Like the likes of Biffy Clyro before them, This City are a band with a very different sound, that’s yet so close. Be warned, this is an absolute gem of an album, and a cracking debut.

George Cannings.

The album We Were Like Sharks by This City is out October 19th on Epitaph Records.

The band tour constantly though until December, find them at a date near you by visiting:


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