Review: Breed 77 – Insects

Breed 77Gibraltan flamenco-metallers Breed 77 have stepped straight back into the frame with their latest offering, Insects. Their fifth album to date, the record takes a much more darker, grittier and overall heavier shape than any of the quintets past efforts.

An eerie alarm clock takes the form of the intro to new single Wake Up, which oozes strange time patterns before blasting into some full-throttle, energy-ridden rock; frontman Paul Isola‘s distinguishable voice taking a much edgier tone, with harsher vocals present a lot more often throughout the record. The band even manage to slide in elements of thrash here and there, The Battle Of Hatin trading it constantly with the bands’ latin charm, and slapping a huge chorus on top for good measure, and it sounds refreshing and new.

The band seem to have moved away from sounding like an alternative to US metal outfit Ill Nino, and have developed their own, formidable sound. While some parts of the album do tend to drag, the title track along with four others out of the eleven stretching past five-and-a-half minutes long, (though the title track in question boasts some absolutely first-class listenablity and a destructive intro for good measure) the ones that don’t are listenable time and time again; Forever‘s riff-making and more melodic vocals sounding epic, and very well put-together.

It’s fresh to see the band go for a different approach to this record, and it should definitely pay off. The massive chorus’, chug-a-long riffs, and the added novelty of their near-unique international sound should be encouraging more to check this band out, criminally underrated, and a great piece of work they can be proud of.

George Cannings.

The album Insects is out October 19th on La Rocka Records. The band tour in November, check for more details.


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