Live Review: InMe – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle – 17th September 2009

InMeUnfortunate circumstances have made Newcastle the first outing for Essex rockers InMe since the release of new record Herald Moth – injuries to new member Ben Konstantinovic mean the band go old school tonight, acting as a three-piece once again. With drummer Simon Taylor shrugging off a chest injury and as frontman Dave McPherson puts it, “doped up on so many painkillers, he doesn’t know who he is”, the band look to be putting themselves back on the map tonight, setbacks or not.

Making their way on stage to possibly the most ridiculous entrance ever, Canadian quartet Zeroscape rid themselves of tops, don capes, and take stance as a cheesy-yet-brilliant Lets Get Ready To Rumble announcement beckons them into their first song; coincidentally, a track in which the main riff is near identical to that of Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger.

Maybe Zeroscape made a mistake of proclaiming themselves the “undisputed kings of ragga-metal”, taking into account they’re on Skindred territory, but they certainly match up well. They blast out all manner of different scales, ranging from some extremely heavy breakdowns and some vicious screaming, to the contrast of some great, laid back reggae songs, sang brilliantly by frontman Binski. The downside to all of this, unfortunately, is the fact that the crowd are so unwilling to move along. Music like this should be songs to bounce along to, but the audience are stubborn.

Each song thankfully, goes over brilliantly with said audience, the likes of single Friday Night gaining new fans in amongst the people staring back. With that, a rapturous applause breaks out, and Zeroscape have certainly made a lasting impression, even if they quite didn’t cement their proclamation tonight.

Melodic metallers Symphony Cult take to the stage next, offering yet another diverse direction on tonight’s bill. Their brand of alternative, female-fronted metal sounds very strong tonight, so it’s a real shame that nobody really seems to pick up on it and get into it.

The opening track of new album Rewind To Fast Forward, You, gives off a great noise led guitar sound that likens to American titans Sevendust, but unfortunately it’s all a bit loud for vocalist Charlotte Lubbock in places, her otherwise beautiful singing voice sounding somewhat drowned out in parts. The music they play is very well crafted for a band still very much in their youth, but they lack a bit of charisma tonight, and the crowd remains defiant, and seemingly a bit uninterested.

Kudos goes, however, to an absolute stormer of a closer, closing album track Until Tomorrow sounds absolutely massive; one of the heavier songs on record, it sounds first class live, too. Both guitars working perfectly in unison to bring the riffs crashing down. While they, like Zeroscape, have not managed to move the audience from their stances, Symphony Cult have none the less played an impressive set.

Tonight’s headliners have been marred by personal setbacks, a car crash breaking new member Ben Konstantinovic‘s wrist, effectively forcing him to miss the tour, has limited InMe back to their roots as a three-piece once again tonight. Drummer Simon Taylor has braved a chest injury to take the sticks, and the applause and excitement when he, along with fellow comrades Dave and Greg McPherson take to the stage, really is well deserved for them to even be taking this tour on.

Blasting straight into their set with the energy of twice the manpower, the band conduct some excellent feedback from their audience, which, unfortunately, still refuses to move little more than the odd head bang. That all changes, however, when favourite intro track from debut record Overgrown Eden, a mighty rendition of Underdose, kicks in with it’s familiar guitar riff, and the room starts to turn itself upside down; mosh breaking out, the floor turns into a sweaty, gritty spectacle, and it seemingly couldn’t make the band any happier.

The set is littered with new material from recent release Herald Moth, including brilliant new single Single Of The Weak, which sounds massive, even without the extra guitar parts, not present on each new track the band play tonight. It makes no difference to the crowd, however; either way, they’re enjoying a classic set from a great live band, and loving every minute of it. Frontman Dave McPherson notes mid-set that he’s made a few playing mistakes, but it’s hardly noticeable, he’s a remarkable guitarist and it shines through brightly tonight, tracks like Daydream Anonymous’s Cracking The Whip’s lead parts are crafted to near perfection.

The band battle bravely with all smiles from their crowd, and as the familiar guitar intro to crowd favourite 7 Weeks starts off their encore, the room once again breaks into frenzy; Dave insisting he’s moving more than the crowd, they break out and limbs fly in all directions – the floor turns into somewhat of an oblivion, the kind InMe really deserve.

As closer Faster The Chase‘s haunting chorus comes to a close, the whole crowd does the courtesy of splitting the whole length down the middle; a giant wall of death brings the song back to it’s outro, and it really mirrors the atmosphere of the whole set; people in unison coming together to witness an absolute blinder of a performance. InMe have braved the first date of tour three-quarters complete, but there’s no denying now, they’re most definitely stronger than ever.

George Cannings.

InMe are on tour now, check for details, their forth album Herald Moth is out now on Graphite Records.


2 Responses to Live Review: InMe – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle – 17th September 2009

  1. Liam says:

    I remember this gig, it was amazing

  2. Ao says:

    I remembef this gug, it sas amazing;

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