Review: Every Time I Die – New Junk Aesthetic

ETIDBuffalo bruisers Every Time I Die always manage to churn out records that are heavier than bricks, and New Junk Aesthetic is no exception. Intro track Roman Holiday jumps right in at the deep end with some slow, low-end chuggery, coupled with Keith Buckley‘s shriekish yells, which opens up nicely for the whole record to really pan itself out.

The Marvelous Slut offers a quick jab in the face with some fast-paced hardcore, while the great duel-guitar sounds strode atop the riffage in tracks like the brilliant For The Record give it’s audience some almighty mosh-material, and a great track to boot; fans of Cancer Bats and Confide should love these kind of fist-swingers.

The record comes to a slow-down in tracks like Turtles All The Way Down and parts of Host Disorder (the latter of which displays an almost-jump into some form of melody, vocal-wise), but never fail to maintain their edgy, energetic and emergency-ridden sound; picking up again in much faster, and somewhat melody-inducing tracks like definite standout The Sweet Life, and beefy hard-hitter Buffalo 666. While the almost constant one-dimensional style of singing can get a bit too repetitive and slightly grinding, there’s no denying it works on all of the songs, so it can certainly be excused.

Debuting some of these songs on their last UK outing with Gallows, the tracks of this record certainly live up to their live comparison, the likes of which sound massive, and it’ll only be a matter of time until every song on this near-perfect album gets an outing and the praise it so rightly deserves. Fantastic, energy-filled genius.

George Cannings.

The album New Junk Aesthetic by Every Time I Die is out now through Epitaph Records.


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