Review: Our Time Down Here – Live, Love, Let Go

OTDHIt’s been a long time coming for Southampton’s Our Time Down Here as the melodic hardcore crew finally release their debut full-length, Live, Love, Let Go.

First and foremost, after working with renowned UK punk producer Peter Miles (The King Blues, Sonic Boom Six), we have a band on our hands that has progressed in a big way. Long gone are the days of clichéd lyrics about the scene and music tailor-made for two-stepping with forced breakdowns; this is a band who has improved tenfold in substance, both musically and lyrically.

Needless to say, the quartet’s relentless amount of energy that you may have grown accustomed to is still very much intact, as the 26-second spitfire of an opener, and the very Shook Ones-esque Flip-Up Caps And Crew Neck Sweats, perfectly exemplifies the storming pace of the album – before flowing well (as do all tracks on this record) into the explosively catchy Curtain Call, demonstrating the band’s persistently positive mentality, boasting the inspiring and memorable line of, “Sometimes you gotta chin up and power fucking through!”

However, midway through track four, You Fucking Tragedy, you are immediately caught off guard as we see an admirable and refreshingly experimental change in the band’s typical style and pace, ending with a folksy acoustic number, guaranteed to amass sing-a-longs aplenty live; one of the many surprises this record has in store. The band’s high-energy is swiftly restored in the following and stand out track Tony and The Gang, ridden in fist-in-the-air gang vocals galore, a common feature throughout the record.

Another high point is the raw vocal delivery of frontman Will Gould, which, at times, is very reminiscent of former Comeback Kid vocalist Scott Wade, as he yells his vocal chords to shreds, most notably during the latter half of Dusk as Gould unremittingly spits out his words without catching a breath. Brilliant.

Opting for a peculiar contrast, final track Orange and Red ends with a delightful piano piece aided by an acoustic, a surprisingly soothing end to the 13-track onslaught of predominantly pleasing chaos.

There is honestly little to fault, every track sounds huge and the top production has unquestionably helped the band to shine and show off their full potential. Our Time Down Here have really stepped up their game with this one, exceeding all hype and expectations.

Faye Turnbull.

The album Live, Love, Let Go by Our Time Down Here is released on October 12th through Banquet Records, you can pre-order from HERE.


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