Review: Twin Atlantic – Vivarium

Twin AtlanticThe highly anticipated debut record from Scottish rockers Twin Atlantic, Vivarium, has every right to claim to live up to the expectations everyone has set for it. Although, oddly turned from what was originally a full album into a mini-album, eight tracks is plenty for the quartet to show the world exactly what they can do.

Sam McTrusty‘s highly distinguishable dialect coming straight out to play from the first chord of new single Light Speed, which sounds exceptional; a great chorus that screams radio air-time, while the aptly-named You’re Turning Into John Wayne gives the frontman’s vocals ironic meaning through a fantastic track. Though the older EP version of favourite Audience And Audio may of worked just that extra bit better (The re-worked version sounding somewhat flat), it’s a nice touch to see it thrown into the mix.

The record gives way to a lot more mellow sounds from the band, shown in the quirky, yet mammoth Caribbean War Syndrome, and the brilliantly guitar-driven Old Grey Face, the latter of which boasts a massive interlude in which you get the feeling will sound like the equivalent of an elephant live – each track could turn into a great single, it’s full of hits, left, right and centre.

It’s a bit of a downside to not see more tracks on the record after such a wait, but what has been showcased would definitely give the likes of mainstream darlings and fellow countrymen Biffy Clyro a run for their money, and it’s only a matter of time (and possibly a full-length record) until Twin Atlantic become the name on everyone’s lips; they’ve definitely hit the ground running on this one.

George Cannings.

The mini-album Vivarium by Twin Atlantic is released on September 14th through Red Bull Records.


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