Review: Teenage Bottlerocket – They Came From The Shadows

teenage-bottlerocket-they-came-from-the-shadowsWyoming pop-punk quartet Teenage Bottlerocket have a lot to live up to following 2007’s Warning Device, as they release their third full-length and Fat Wreck Chords debut, They Came From The Shadows.

From the band’s stripped down pop-punk sound to their leather jackets, it’s clear that they draw heavy influence from old school pop-punk bands such as the Ramones and Screeching Weasel; absolutely no gimmicks here.

Opener Skate Or Die sets the fast pace of the album well, with its driving guitars and catchy melodies, but, in all honesty, with this band, once you’ve heard one song, you’ve pretty much heard them all, as they basically rehash the same sound and song structure as their previous releases, which is not a bad thing at all regarding Teenage Bottlerocket, some things just don’t need to be tampered with when it works.

The dual vocal format of Warning Device returns as the vocals of bassist Ray Carlisle, very reminiscent of Joey Ramone, compliment the distinct vocals of guitarist, and The Lillingtons frontman, Kody Templeman, well throughout.

While, musically, they may be lacking originality, they make up for it in topics addressed, as demonstrated in the lyrically unique and tongue-in-cheek tune of Bigger Than Kiss, showing the band’s typically goofy style, enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

The latter half of the album appears to be more solid, featuring the stand out tracks, Without You, Be With You and They Came From The Shadows, but all 14 tunes are pure punk rock gems, Teenage Bottlerocket have done themselves proud with this one.

Although, this record can be fairly repetitive, that’s the best thing about Teenage Bottlerocket, their tunes are simple and effective, their “oh-oh-oh’s” will be in your head for days to come; no one said that music has to be difficult.

Faye Turnbull.

The album They Came From The Shadows by Teenage Bottlerocket is out on September 15th through Fat Wreck Chords.


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